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Tanning Salon Liability Insurance

As a tanning salon employee, you know the clients and the look they’re trying to achieve. Whether it’s a loyal customer or someone who is brand new to tanning salons, you will be there to help them with getting the tan they are looking for. That being said, there is always the possibility of things not going as planned. Like with any job, things can go wrong and while it might seem unrealistic, the high impact rays could easily hurt someone whether it’s through long-term exposure or damage from a single visit lasting too long. With you being the one they talk to while they’re visiting the tanning salon, it’s easy to point the blame to you because you’re supposed to be the expert. So what happens if a customer tans for too long and damages their skin, either permanently or temporarily, and they decide to seek legal action and hold you liable?

Custom tanning salon liability insurance plans are a convenient way to protect you from what your conventional insurance plan let’s through, kind of like putting an extra layer of SPF 70 over an initial layer of 15. This custom individual liability insurance coverage is designed to protect you while you’re at work and dealing with customers in a risky environment. This would conceivably protect you from litigation concerning skin cancer, burns, chemical reactions to spray tans, and any other suits that could be brought your way from unhappy customers. Even if you make your clients aware of all the risks associated with tanning, you could still be held liable. Don’t settle for a porous insurance policy. Custom tanning salon liability insurance plans are available.