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Tattoo Artist Liability Insurance

Ever since the 1990’s, tattoos have increasingly grown in popularity. It’s not just the stereotypical biker dudes that have tattoos anymore–the girl next door has added ink to her body, as well. With more and more people getting tattoos, tattoo artists and other tattoo shop employees need to make sure they are getting the proper liability insurance coverage to protect themselves against the common regret some customers may feel or any other potential problems that may arise.

To ensure that your tattoo parlor artists and employees are properly covered, professional liability is needed to protect your employees’ artistic merit, considering art is a matter of personal taste. Waivers should be provided to every customer insuring they are well aware of what they are getting into to help limit potential lawsuits. Keep in mind, customers have filed lawsuits in the past against tattoo artists and shops claiming their tattoo came out drastically different than what was agreed upon. These incidents can commonly lead to lawsuits against both the tattoo artist and the parlor, and having the right liability insurance can help ensure that you will be properly covered in the event that claims like this occur.