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The Right ATV Rental Insurance Ensures You’re Protected Fully

An ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, can get you into places where normal tourists will never be able to see. In all 50 states, there are trails that are best enjoyed from the back of one of them. For this reason, there are numerous rental companies that specialize in providing ATV rentals that are guaranteed to give their customers an unforgettable experience. However, a rental company needs to be prepared for the unexpected when they let a customer rent their ATV out. Choose the right ATV rental insurance to ensure you have good coverage and are fully protected.

The Thrill of ATVs

Most people who venture out to see the sights of a new area see it from the streets. They sightsee from the buildings and only go out in the woods if it is convenient to do so, from their vehicle. Some of the best places to see are not accessible by traditional vehicles. ATVs, motorcycles, and other off-road rides can get you out into the world where few others have been able to go. Best of all, you can experience it without windows and doors. You can get out there on that cliff or that hidden lake while you feel the wind on your face. You can travel slow or you can reach impressive top speeds of around 65 mph, depending on your skill level and how much risk you are willing to take.

The Risks of ATV Rentals

Most people who have decided to rent an ATV for an adventure in the great outdoors will have very little to no experience. Experience only comes from owning an ATV and even with that, there are still risks to the person riding. In 2018, there were approximately 252 drivers killed on an ATV with 24 passenger injuries. Most deaths are men, but there are often kids who are under the age of 16 involved. Those who were involved in an accident, but managed to survive it, often end up with damage to themselves. Injuries usually involve the driver or passenger’s head and neck, arms, and legs, their torso, or their hands and feet.

In 2016, the number of non-fatal ATV injuries was more than 101,200. Admittedly, as people become smarter about ATV safety, the injuries have lessened, but it is important you understand that you will never be “too safe” on a recreational vehicle.

ATV Safety

As an ATV rental company, make sure your customers know the following safety tips.

  • Always Wear a Helmet
  • Never Ride on Paved Roads
  • Never Ride After Drinking or Using Drugs
  • Never Ride Passengers on Single Seat ATVs
  • Monitor or Prevent Kids Under 16 Driving an ATV
  • Maintain a Safe Speed

Coverages Available for ATV Rental Insurance

We provide specialty customized insurance coverage through an all-in-one approach to fit your needs.

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Rental Liability
  • Fleet Insurance
  • Commercial Auto
  • Property Damage

ATV Insurance Options

As a tour guide, an operator, a rental company, or a business owner, XINSURANCE can provide the right ATV rental insurance options for you. If you currently have an insurance policy, let us take a look. We can provide a policy review for free. We’ll let you know if you have proper coverage or we can suggest what additional coverage you might need. There are a lot of inherent risks with ATVs and an accident can occur at any time so make sure you have liability insurance.

This is where we can help you the most. XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. We provide the coverage so that you and your business can have peace of mind. For more information on our ATV rental insurance, simply contact us. We are here to help you ride safely in all 50 states.