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Towing, Repossession, and Recovery Insurance

Towing, Repossession, and Recovery Insurance

In today’s world, it has become more and more difficult to find a good insurance partner. Especially when trying to obtain towing and/or repossession insurance. Most markets only have a couple of carriers that are even willing to write these risks. This can sometimes lead you to a company that is not AM Best ‘A’ Rated; leaving you vulnerable with certain contracts you already have or are trying to obtain. It is even harder to find a carrier who can write all the pieces of insurance that you need to operate your business. Couple all this with a few claims and your options become less and less.

Specific Solutions For Your Towing and Repossession Business

  • New Start-up Companies
  • High-Risk Recovery Companies
  • Repossession Insurance
  • High-Risk Drivers
  • High-Risk Auto Liability
  • Cargo/ On-Hook Coverage
  • Drive Away Insurance
  • Over the Road Physical Damage Coverage
  • Garage Keepers Legal Liability
  • Garage Keepers Direct Primary
  • Contractual Liability
  • State and Federal Filings

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Here at XINSURANCE, we understand what it takes, insurance-wise, to run your business since we have been writing this risk for over 40 years. Our team has the knowledge to help you grow your business all while making it a safer operation. Our Partnership Approach is a key element in fighting frivolous claims and protecting our insureds. We have an online service to expedite certificate and in-house underwriting so major changes to your policy are efficient and painless. Call us for a quote today and let us customize an insurance policy for you.