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Umbrella Insurance Policy for True Peace of Mind

A good umbrella insurance policy should provide true peace of mind. That means protection from any eventuality that might arise. But many policies exclude from coverage the very things that make the policyholder the most vulnerable.

That’s why anyone purchasing any sort of liability insurance should look very carefully at the exclusions and gaps in their policies. Most insurance companies do everything possible to avoid lawsuits, claims and settlements. Thus, they insure the easy things, or include low coverage limits to reduce their exposure, but exclude the truly risky things.

Individuals and businesses seeking protection and true peace of mind can purchase “umbrella” policies that are supposed to fill in the gaps of a traditional policy. Unfortunately, most umbrella policies still have gaps and leave policyholders vulnerable to lawsuits and excessive settlements.

For example, will your insurance company go to bat for you if someone claims they contracted COVID-19 in your home, place of business, or while interacting with you or one of your employees? Will your insurance company cover you if your business was damaged by civil unrest? Or from harm caused by an active shooter? Will it provide protection if you own an exotic pet or a guard dog? Many traditional policies, including “umbrella” policies, exclude those things and many others.

Life is unpredictable. To be truly secure, to enjoy true peace of mind, individuals and businesses need an additional layer of liability coverage, a “true umbrella” policy. A comprehensive true umbrella insurance policy will fill the gaps in a traditional policy. It will cover the exclusions in other policies and provide true peace of mind.

One company that prides itself in providing true umbrella policies that covers every risk is XINSURANCE, which is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC, an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. XINSURANCE can offer true umbrella coverage that other companies won’t touch because for many years it has specialized in covering high-risk activities. XINSURANCE insures the uninsurable.

For example, XINSURANCE covers animal liability, firearms and concealed carry, aerial arts, bounce houses, exotic pets, law enforcement, all sports, skydiving, rock climbing, trampoline parks, river running, and all-terrain vehicle rentals. It protects individuals and businesses that engage in high-risk activities, so it isn’t afraid of risk. It covers the gaps and exclusions.

And XINSURANCE doesn’t “rush to settle” when a claim is made. It fights for its clients against unscrupulous lawyers and frivolous lawsuits. It has a winning track record in client service that includes winning in court.

When you buy insurance, be sure to look for gaps and exclusions. And consider a true umbrella policy that provide complete peace of mind.