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Are you covered for personal liability insurance drawing

Unmarried Couples: Do You Have Specialized Personal Liability Coverage?

Homeowners liability insurance covers civil lawsuits against you when visitors on your property accidentally suffer injury or property damage. It also protects you against lawsuits when you or your family members cause bodily injury or property damage to others of your property. A family member includes your spouse and children.

What happens if you and your significant other are an unmarried couple? Then your partner and her children living with you aren’t covered in the policy unless you include her as a named insured. However, many homeowners policies won’t allow this.

This leaves your partner vulnerable to all the liability risks that you are protected from. If she is an active person who is away from home a lot, and/or she has kids who are active and go to school, the liability possibilities are enormous. Consider these scenarios:

  • Her child collides with another child with a bicycle, and the other child suffers a concussion. The parents then sue your partner for damages because her child was clearly at fault.
  • She is mowing the lawn and a rock flung by the mower strikes a neighbor or damages the neighbor’s expensive vintage car.
  • Her teenage son is playing baseball with some friends. One of his friends suffers a severe eye injury when struck in the face with one of his fastballs.
  • Her dog wanders into your neighbor’s yard and bites his hand. He’s unable to work because he’s a construction worker and requires use of both hands. He sues your partner for the medical bills and for lost wages.
  • Her son fires off a fourth of July rocket that sets fire to the dry brush next to a neighbor’s house. The hot brush fire soon ignites the house. She soon faces a lawsuit for extensive damage to your neighbor’s home.


The above examples should make it clear that such a huge personal liability gap needs to be addressed as soon as possible. XINSURANCE offers customized liability insurance solutions meant specifically for these kinds of gaps. If you require a policy customized to your specific needs, contact us today.