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firearm and concealed weapon coverage

What is Firearm & Concealed Weapon Coverage?

Purchasing firearm and concealed weapon coverage is a good investment for any gun owner. You own a firearm to protect your family and property. However, if you are forced to use your firearm in self-defense, you may still face legal charges, and the cost of these can add up. If you are charged with a crime due to an accident or incident involving your firearm, firearm and concealed weapons coverage is an insurance policy to pay your legal fees.

Individual insurance policies vary, but according to, most policies cover the use of deadly force, self-defense, negligent discharge and personal firearm use. The policy helps to pay some of the costs related to the legal system like bail, court costs, and lawyers’ fees.

If you need to use your gun to defend yourself or your family but law enforcement doubts your use of deadly force was necessary, you might face serious charges. In situations like this, it’s not uncommon for judges to set initial bail in excess of $100,000. To mount a criminal defense, initial lawyers’ fees run upwards of $50,000. In this light, the annual cost of firearm and concealed weapon coverage is a prudent investment.


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