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Agritainment Insurance

Why You Need Agritainment Insurance

The agritainment business is one of the more recent additions to the roster of ways to make a living. While farming has been around for thousands of years, using farms for paid entertainment is a new development. Some of the entertainment is based on creativity; such as corn stalk mazes for people to wander through, pumpkin patches, or “haunted houses” made out of barns.

Other kinds of entertainment are much more to do with the actual operation of the farm, such as letting children (or adults), gather vegetables, fruit, or nuts. Guests may collect eggs from a henhouse, or try to milk a cow, or learn to ride a horse or drive a tractor.

Your agritainment business needs protection, and not just like any other company. While basic business coverage will help, specialized coverage for agritainment is necessary. Potential claims by guests can be an issue. If you are providing horses for people to ride, for example, there is always the possibility that they will bite or kick. Any barbed wire or other fencing can cause injury. Occasionally, a guest will fall into a pond or lake. Be more prepared by seeking agritainment insurance.

How about accidental damage a guest could do to your property? Imagine a scenario in which someone throws a pine branch into a bonfire and the resulting sparks start an uncontrolled fire, destroying your corn crop. Accidents do happen and XINSURANCE can help protect your business against such problems.

We help with insurance for specialty service businesses. We can often help with coverage that most companies, dealing with insurance, avoid. You will need specialized coverage for the agritainment business. XINSURANCE can help you get agritainment insurance that covers your needs.

The Agritainment Business – Not Your Usual Service Provider

The agritainment business is a relative newcomer to the service provider arena. Combining farms with entertainment venues is not an obvious blend for business. It works well, however, as long as agritainment insurance is part of the mix.

One of the caveats with running an agritainment business is the presence of children. There are often many, and they tend to be very active, getting into all kinds of things, including trouble. You can’t assume precautions that are adequate for adults will be enough for children.

Despite many advances, a 21st-century farm has something in common with its 19th-century ancestors: risk. Guests may not be exposed to the rigors of 14-hour workdays with horse-drawn equipment in the blazing sun, but you will still need to protect your guests. That means taking extra precautions, above guarding against the usual risks. A necessary precaution for the business is a robust agritainment insurance policy to cover unlikely, unfortunate events.

Agritainment business owners must consider potential hazards, such as offering hayrides when there is the risk of a child climbing out and falling. How about people being around farm animals that weigh over a quarter of a ton? Or exposing guests to potential pesticides and herbicides that may have been used on your crops? Even stinging and biting insects can lead to injury or even death.

The Agritainment Business and Liability

With an agritainment business, you may be dealing with people who are doing business on your personal property. It is critical to secure good agritainment insurance where your business is your home.

Even if you already carry insurance for your farm, you cannot assume it will be enough for the agritainment business you will operate. We can provide a free policy review to let you know if you have sufficient coverage. We use our experience and expertise to identify the gaps in your current coverage and help you fill them.

If you operate several agritainment businesses on your farm, you may have to insure each one. Event insurance may also be necessary. The insurance plan you currently have for your farm is unlikely to be sufficient for an agritainment venture. If using multiple business structures, each level in the business structure should have its own insurance.

Agritainment Insurance for Your Business

All businesses, including agritainment businesses, need fundamental coverage. Because of the complexities of farming, however, there is no such thing as a standard farm insurance policy. Still, there are some common factors. You’ll need coverage for farm buildings. To have a farm policy, you must farm full time. And, you need special coverage for farm animals. But, coverage beyond that is needed for the agritainment portion of your farm.

  • Additional liability coverage, or umbrella coverage, picks up where general liability limits end. It’s a good idea to have additional coverage, especially as your business grows and its value increases.
  • Business activities endorsement. This covers receipts, up to a certain amount, for a limited list of activities.
  • Excess and surplus lines. They cover specified activities and provide coverage for specialty risks.


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