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The choice to put a family member into a nursing home is a difficult one. You have to have reached a point where regular care is required and it cannot be received through a home care program. A nursing home provides this care to patients so they are constantly monitored and their needs are addressed at any hour of the day to try to increase their quality of life.

A nursing home is a resource, but it is also a business. If you are operating a nursing home facility, you should know the nursing home insurance coverage you need to make sure your facility is protected from liabilities.

nursing home insurance
nursing home insurance


Essential Nursing Home Insurance Coverages You Need

General Liability Insurance

A general liability plan covers common lawsuits that can arise from regular daily business activity that does not involve employees. At a nursing home, visitors frequently come to see their loved ones and spend some quality time with them or check to see how they are doing. Having visitors may lead to additional liabilities. General liability insurance covers liabilities that may happen out of the care of an employee or for slip and fall accidents that are considered non-medical negligence.

Commercial Property Coverage

A nursing home should be viewed as a place of business as much as a home for elderly residents and other patients. One of the essential parts of nursing home insurance coverage is commercial property insurance. All businesses should have this kind of coverage to protect against any damages that may happen to the building or any supplies or furniture that is stolen, damaged, or destroyed by a natural disaster like a fire.

Professional Liability Insurance

You want insurance that protects you from non-medical negligence, but you also need to have professional liability insurance that protects you from any medical incidents as well. The professionals in a nursing home are treating hundreds of residents every day, several times a day. This puts them at risk for claims against them regarding wrong medication or providing the wrong treatment. This insurance may also cover claims against other mistakes or inappropriate interaction with a patient.

Commercial Auto Liability

Some nursing facilities have vehicles that can transport residents and employees who serve as chaperones for offsite activities or to receive special medical treatment that can’t be provided within the nursing home. These vehicles need to be covered as well. Having a commercial auto liability plan can cover damages, accidents, or injuries that may happen while a commercial vehicle is being used.

Alleged Sexual Abuse and Molestation Liability

Another claim that can come out of nursing homes is sexual abuse claims. General liability insurance plans typically have sexual abuse exclusions, so even if you think you are covered, you want to have this type of coverage with many cases and complaints of sexual abuse being filed every year.

COVID-19 and Liability for Nursing Homes

For the long-term care system, COVID-19 has altered much of its protocols as federal and state regulations make changes to operations and the accountability of each facility. Without proper care, some nursing homes are vulnerable to lawsuits. See more how COVID-19 is affecting nursing home liability.

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Insurance for Assisted Living Facilities

Environmental hazards such as equipment in the hallways, poor lighting, wet floors, cause 16-27% of falls among nursing home residents.

Insurance for Assisted Living Facilities

According to the Government Accountability Office, Medicaid officials in 30 states do not routinely review the licensing and certification of facilities, and 18 don’t look at the results of site visits.

Insurance for Assisted Living Facilities

A typical, 100-bed nursing home reports at least 100 to 200 falls per year.

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