Animal Liability


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Story Inspired by Actual Client

“ After finding out my homeowners insurance excluded boxer breeds, I ended up having to pay out-of-pocket to cover the medical expenses incurred when Bella playfully jumped on my neighbor, accidentally knocking her down.”

-- Allinson S.

Animal & Dog Liability Insurance

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Your dog is more than just a pet, it’s a family member. This can make it difficult to view your dog as a potential liability. Unfortunately, even the most cared for, loved, and well-trained dogs can cause an accident. Something as harmless as a playful nip or digging on your neighbor’s property can result in a messy, time-consuming, and potentially devastating lawsuit.

Dog-related damage is the leading cause of homeowner’s insurance claims. That’s why animal liability coverage is an essential part of being a responsible pet owner. Most insurance companies limit dog bite insurance coverage, restricting certain breeds from coverage, or excluding animal liability coverage altogether. Whether your dog has a bite history or is a breed commonly excluded from homeowners coverage, XINSURANCE will provide you with the coverage you need.

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