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True Umbrella Policy


True Umbrella Insurance

You may already carry a variety of liability insurance policies to protect your personal or business assets such as your home, autos, or commercial property. But in these litigious times, these policies may not provide enough coverage if you’re on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

That’s why you need a True Umbrella Insurance Policy from XINSURANCE. It enhances your existing insurance policies by filling in the “gaps” and covering items that are currently excluded.


True Umbrella Policy


Personal/Commercial Umbrella Insurance Offers a Solution

Many prudent individuals with substantial business or personal assets choose to carry umbrella insurance protection to help them avoid a catastrophic financial loss. Also known as excess liability insurance, these plans go into effect upon the exhaustion of the limits of an underlying policy.

As an example, suppose you have an auto policy with liability limits of $500,000. If you cause an accident that ultimately leads to a lawsuit judgment of $750,000, you’d be on the hook for the extra $250,000 — unless you have a comprehensive umbrella policy that picks up where your base policy leaves off.

XINSURANCE Offers a One-of-a-Kind True Umbrella Policy

XINSURANCE is a trusted insurance partner that specializes in covering the most challenging risks. When other insurers say “no,” we say “yes.” If you’ve been canceled, non-renewed, or denied coverage by another provider, we’re willing and able to offer a solution. We can also fill the gaps in your current plan, such as adding coverage on top of your existing policies. You’ll receive true protection that mitigates your risk and safeguards your business and personal assets.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

As with the underlying liability policies, an umbrella plan protects against claims of bodily injury and property damage sustained by third parties as a result of your negligence (or your employees’ negligence if you’re a business owner). It also helps to pay the costs of your legal defense if an injured party sues you.

XINSURANCE can provide solutions for an umbrella plan that covers scheduled activities/operations such as the auto accident scenario from the example listed above. Other available coverage options include:

  • Customer or visitor injury: Covers situations such as when an employee causes damage to property owned by a customer or a visitor to your business facility sustains a slip-and-fall injury.
  • Product liability: Provides excess liability coverage if a product your company manufactures causes an injury to a user. A typical example is when a product contains a defect, or when you fail to provide adequate instructions or warnings regarding the safe use of the item.
  • Libel/slander: Covers you if you make injurious written or verbal statements about another individual or business. An example is a false claim about the inferior quality of a competitor’s products or services.
  • Reputational damage: Provides coverage when your actions cause damage to the brand or reputation of another that leads to financial losses and the injured party decides to sue you.

Note: XINSURANCE does not offer umbrella coverage for a business’s workers’ compensation insurance plan.


XINSURANCE’s all-in-one approach to insurance means that you won’t have to look anywhere else for your liability coverage. Instead of buying several policies to cover different risks, we’re able to offer one plan that does it all. You’ll get true peace of mind from knowing that you’re doing everything you can to safeguard your valuable assets. We can even customize our plans to address your unique coverage requirements.

At XINSURANCE, no risk is too big or too small. While a $1 million umbrella insurance policy may be sufficient for many individuals, we’re able to provide coverage of up to $10 million ($20 million through our reinsurance partners).

Regardless of the size of the policy you purchase from us, you’ll receive exceptional service every step of the way. It starts with our fast, seamless quote process. Simply fill out and submit an online application for our underwriting team to review. We’ll then schedule a phone call with you to request additional detail about your specific risks and requirements. You’ll receive a quote and we’ll issue your new policy as quickly as possible after you pay the initial premium.

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