Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of questions we often receive from businesses, individuals, and insurance producers. Please call us at 877-585-2853 if you have any other questions!

What is excess & surplus (E&S) insurance?

Think of it this way- insurance policies such as car insurance are standard one-size-fits-all. Excess & Surplus Lines, or E&S, is the opposite. It is custom tailored policies to meet YOUR needs. Flexible underwriting (policy writing) allows us to customize a solution best suited for you, your business, or your activities.

The surplus lines market plays a key role in providing insurance for hard-to-place, unique or high capacity (i.e., high limit) risks. Surplus lines insurers can cover unique and hard-to-place risks because they can react to market changes and accommodate the unique needs of insureds who are unable to obtain coverage from traditional insurance companies. This results in unique options for consumers that are not “one-size-fits-all,” but are skillfully tailored to meet specific needs for non-standard risks.

Who Should Have Excess & Surplus (E&S) Insurance?

The truthful answer? Everyone and anyone. There are places and parts of your life where you probably don’t realize that you need custom insurance. We can cover gaps & exclusions in your current policy with our all-in-one insurance solutions.

E&S insurance is available to you even if you have a loss history, claims or other unique underwriting and risk characteristics.

What type of insurance solutions does XINSURANCE offer?

XINSURANCE can provide custom insurance solutions for most individuals and businesses. If you do not see a policy solution listed on our products list, please reach out to us to learn if we can provide this solution for you.

What is the difference between an all-in-one policy and a True Umbrella policy?

All-in-one policy means your policy is straightforward. It isn’t broken into pieces with separate coverages. Your one policy with XINSURANCE includes everything it should.

A True Umbrella policy is a solution that can be layered on top of existing policies to provide excess coverage in work, home and play. A great example of this is a True Umbrella solution with a homeowners policy. You may need higher limits than your homeowners policy can provide, and this is where a True Umbrella policy solution can bring you true peace of mind.

Is animal liability insurance the same as pet health insurance?

They are different policies. Our animal liability insurance solution does not cover any health of a pet.

Animal liability coverage protects you in the event of damages or injuries caused by your dog or other pet that you own. Liability insurance is a form of third-party coverage, meaning that it compensates others — not you or members of your household.

Do I need an agent to receive a custom solution from XINSURANCE?

No, you do not. Any individual can contact us, and we will be happy to answer questions and create an insurance solution you need. If you have an agent that you prefer to use, we can work with them directly for your insurance solution.

Is XINSURANCE the insurer for my policy?

No, XINSURANCE is a dba of Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. XINSURANCE is domiciled in and has its principal place of business in Sandy, Utah. This insurance product is offered by an unlicensed surplus lines insurer. The NPN for EIB is 5464658 and CA license number is 0H93938.

Is coverage nationwide?

Yes, coverage is nationwide.
*Some policies are excluded from this.

What are the limits offered?

Limits up to $20MM in-house with excess available.

Is there anything you do not provide coverage for?

We do not cover workers compensation.

Where can I receive a copy of my policy?

If you completed your full application online and paid for your policy, it will be available immediately for you to print a copy.

If you worked with an XINSURANCE team member, a copy of your policy will be available when you create an account. We will also send you a copy within 24-48 hours after you sign and pay for your policy.

When is my policy effective?

Immediately after you bind (sign) and pay for your policy.

If I have questions about my policy, who should I contact?

Assistance for most needs can be through our Policy Services team. Policy changes, corrections, filings, certificates, questions on binding requirements & forms, such as claims & warranty, applications & down payments.

Toll Free: 1.800.257.5590
Fax: 1.877.452.6910

How do I submit a claim?

It is quite easy, simply go to this URL and file your claim.