Have a question about getting coverage? We're here to help! Contact us below.



Have a question about getting coverage? We're here to help! Contact us below.


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You or your insurance agent can contact us using any of the methods below for help or more information.

Phone: 877-585-2853
Fax: 877-452-6910
Email: info@xinsurance.com

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Contact Us By Department*

*Some departments listed below are with an affiliated company.

President's Hotline

The President’s Hotline is open to all. Any questions or issues that cannot be resolved by another department.

Rick J. Lindsey, President & CEO
Phone: 801-304-5510
Email: RJL@xinsurance.com


All quotes—new, add or delete coverage, questions about your quote or other coverage requirements.

Toll-free: 877-243-8181
Fax: 800-478-9880
Email: quotes@xinsurance.com

Jeff Leman, COO & Executive Vice President of Underwriting
Phone: 801-304-5561

Richard Bryant, President of Underwriting
Phone: 385-977-2503

Maria Martin, Senior Vice President of Underwriting
Phone: 801-304-5570

Daniel Tew, Senior Vice President of Underwriting
Phone: 801-304-5538

Producer Services

Producer agreements & other documentation in order to conduct business.

Toll-free: 800-421-8328
Fax: 800-262-3719
Email: producerservices@xinsurance.com

Monica Ford, Vice President of Operations
Phone: 801-304-5548

Risk Management

Policy Receipt Forms, Risk Management Compliance.

Toll-free: 877-585-2851
Fax: 877-585-2852
Email: rmd@xinsurance.com

Ashley Bibeau, Senior Vice President of Risk Management
Phone: 801-304-3722

Contract & Policy Services

Assistance for most needs. Policy changes, corrections, filings, certificates, questions on binding requirements & forms, such as claims & warranty, applications & down payments.

Toll-free: 800-257-5590
Fax: 877-452-6910
Email: policyservices@xinsurance.com

Aimee McCue, Senior Vice President of Policy Services
Phone: 801-304-3786

Billing & Finance

Assistance on existing accounts receivable, balances, payment arrangements and financing.

Toll-free: 800-851-3495
Fax: 800-482-6818
Email: ar@xinsurance.com

Lori Largo, Vice President of Billing & Collections
Phone: 801-304-3775


Report a claim or an incident, loss run requests (via email only).

Toll-free: 877-585-2849
Fax: 877-452-6909
Claim or Incident Email: cda@xinsurance.com
Loss Runs Request Email: lossrun@xinsurance.com

David McBride, Executive Vice President of Claims
Phone: 801-304-5541


Marketing inquiries and questions.

Barbara Malkowski, Senior Vice President of Marketing
Phone: 312-884-5801
Email: barbaram@xinsurance.com

Chicago Office:

1 S. Dearborn Street #800
Chicago, IL 60603

Salt Lake Office:

8722 S. Harrison Street
Sandy, UT 84070

Naples Office:

700 11th Street South, Suite 201
Naples, FL 34102

Philadelphia Office:

690 Stockton Drive, Suite 100
Exton, PA 19341

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