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Hello, just wanted to leave a quick review for my man Zane Lindsey who absolutely took care of all my problems promptly and without any hesitation whatsoever. Answered every call from 6am-11pm never once gave me any grief for it. This man saved my dog and therefore saved me so I just wanted to mention how grateful I am. Thank you!

– Clayton P.

Straight to the point, not something you would expect when shopping for a commercial liability for ski rental business

– David H.

I was having trouble finding coverage for my RV and am so grateful to have found XINSURANCE. Due to a previous claim, my provider was no longer able to offer the coverage I needed for my 35ft School Bus RV Conversion. After contacting companies that cover standard RV’s, I was still having no luck. Then after multiple Schoolie forum discussion searches, I was finally referred here.

The customer service I received from the underwriter Bailey Giles was excellent from beginning to end. He was helpful, thorough in explaining my options, friendly, and he answered all my (many) questions in a timely manner while walking me through the process. I called on a Friday and I was able to bind my policy in a matter of days. I highly recommend XINSURANCE to anyone needing specialty coverage. Thanks again!

– Karin C.

They have great customer service
They answered my questions and helped me out when I needed it

– Gloria S.

Great resource for insuring your pets when your homeowners insurance won’t!

– Greg H.