XINSURANCE for life unexpected
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What is a customized personal legal protection plan?

Custom liability insurance provides you additional liability protection that extends beyond the coverage offered by traditional insurance policies. Most liability insurance provides adequate protection for homeowners, business owners, and employers. Unfortunately, traditional insurance policies have become significantly more exclusionary, leaving you uncovered and at risk in the event of damage or injury. Our custom liability insurance provides you a safeguard against life unexpected.

Four reasons why you need a customized personal legal and criminal protection plan.


We live in a sue-happy society in which anyone can sue at anytime for virtually any reason they see fit. These conditions leave anyone without proper coverage at risk. XINSURANCE can help minimize your liability exposure and maximize your protection.


Most insurance policies include an ’excluding coverage clause’ detailing the conditions not covered by your insurance. Did you know most insurance companies exclude trampolines from their homeowners insurance policies, considering them to be an extreme risk to personal safety? Be sure you know what is not covered by your home, auto, and professional insurance.


One simple accident can result in a lawsuit that jeopardizes your financial security. Protect your assets and maintain financial security. Our custom liability insurance provides you a safeguard against life unexpected.


Having trouble getting coverage? XINSURANCE specializes in helping individuals who participate in activities that disqualify them from receiving coverage from traditional carriers. If you have been denied coverage in the past, don’t give up yet. XINSURANCE will give you a chance.

Our most popular custom insurance protection policies

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Pilot Liability

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Animal Liability

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Firearm & Concealed Weapon

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Customized Legal