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Water sports are fun and exciting, and many people want to enjoy a day on the water. Fast-paced activities also appeal to many people as a chance for outdoor adventure. However, water sports can also bring a high risk that requires careful consideration. To truly enjoy the activity, it’s essential to understand and manage the risks so you can have peace of mind before you or your customers go out on the water.

XINSURANCE provides action sports insurance solutions to help you obtain the proper coverage for your operations. When you work with us, you can benefit from a trusted insurance provider that can handle high-risk operations. We work with you to manage risk for yourself and your business. With the right coverage, you can take advantage of all that water sports have to offer, worry-free.

water sports insurance for businesses and individuals
water sports insurance for businesses and individuals

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Sports Insurance

What is Water Sports Insurance?

If you participate in water sports or own a company that involves a water sports activity or rental, you know that water sports insurance is something that is hard to find. Fortunately, we are here to help you.

Water sports insurance from XINSURANCE is liability insurance for businesses and individuals looking for customized coverage. We can cover many water sports including but not limited to: waterskiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, boating, kayaking, parasailing, canoeing, hydro-flying and efoils, tubing, rentals, water sports equipment, and more.

With XINSURANCE, you will have the customized coverage you need through our all-in-one approach. By reviewing your operations and experience level, we create a policy made to fit your needs with all the coverages under one policy. So no matter the water sport, no matter the risk or history, we will try to help you!

What Kinds of Businesses Need Water Sports Insurance?

We offer an all-in-one solution for your insurance needs. When you work with us, our team creates a plan to protect your assets and business in the face of liabilities and unforeseen circumstances. We partner with you to provide solutions that fits your business goals and needs.

XINSURANCE offers services for many different types of businesses, including:

  • Resort parks. If you operate a resort park, we can help you protect your business from potential lawsuits or accidents involving your guests or employees.
  • Water sports facilities. A lot of action occurs at water sports facilities — make sure you’re managing the risk and protecting your assets with our insurance.
  • Wakeboard and water ski businesses. Water sports equipment can lead to severe injuries, which is why it’s essential to have coverage for potential accidents.
  • Recreational water sports charters. Protect charter assets with the right policy to handle unexpected liabilities.
  • Cable parks. When you’re running a cable park, you can stay prepared for a liability issue with our services.
  • Private bodies of water. If you own a private lake or other body of water, work with us to make sure your property is safe in case an accident or legal issue ever occurs on the premises.

What Does Action Sports Insurance Cover?

Our services cover a variety of assets and protect you from liability in many different circumstances. You can rest assured that your policy covers multiple possible scenarios, so you can be prepared for unforeseen events or lawsuits.

Our offerings protect vehicles, equipment, and property in these situations:

  • Tools and equipment: You have valuable tools and equipment for your water sports operations, so make sure to protect them with the right policy.
  • Commercial general liability: A general liability insurance policy covers 3rd party bodily injury & 3rd party property damage. It will pay for your defense and cover a settlement or verdict.
  • Watercraft liability: This policy can cover you if you are held liable for a watercraft malfunction or operator injury. It can also protect you from paying out-of-pocket medical bills or income replacement.
  • Property coverage: Protect your property and assets in case of damage with insurance coverage that can help repair or replace lost belongings.
  • Communicable Disease Liability Coverage: If you end up in a lawsuit where a consumer claims they were exposed to an illness at your site, we can offer liability insurance protection.
  • Active shooter liability: These plans will cover your liability exposure resulting from a shooting incident on your property.
  • Alleged sexual abuse and molestation liability: This insurance covers allegations of sexual misconduct made against you or your employees.
  • Alleged assault and battery liability: This coverage covers allegations of assault and/or battery made against you or your employees.
  • Special Event: If you allow or host a special event, this coverage will provide necessary liability coverage for injuries and property damage sustained by guests.

Why Partner With XINSURANCE?

Choosing XINSURANCE for your coverage offers several different advantages. We are dedicated to providing the right solution for your enterprise and can customize your coverage to ensure it’s the best fit for your business. We work with you to deliver limits, coverage, and premium options that meet industry regulations. As an insurance partner that covers the most difficult risks, we’re here to give you true peace of mind for your everyday operations.

Whether you’re looking for help with risk management, customer service, underwriting, or expertise claims, we can handle old or new claims. Our experienced team can also provide a free policy assessment of your current coverage to help identify gaps. If you need it, we can cover exclusion in your current contract to help protect you or your business.

As a team dedicated to exceptional customer service and trusted support, our goal is to help you respond proactively to unexpected situations. Whatever your insurance needs, we’re dedicated to helping you. We give you the assurance that you have a partner on your side when an incident, liability, or accident occurs. For more information on what we offer, get a quote today.

XINSURANCE and Associations

XINSURANCE is a proud member of the WSIA (Water Sports Industry Association).

We love going to the WSIA Parasail Operators Symposium every year so if you’re attending, let us know or visit our booth meet us and learn more about our insurance solutions!

wsia logo water sports industry association


If you’re trying to decide whether you need insurance, you may be wondering about water sports injuries and how to protect yourself and your customers. Consider these facts when you’re engaging in water sports activities.



It’s important to strategically move forward with finding the right insurance for your enterprise. Data suggests a significant number of injuries can occur during water sports activities, so keep in mind some of the potential dangers and liabilities in the water sports industry.

At least 95% of all parasail accidents result from the parasail riders’ inability to escape/evacuate from a harness passenger support system following an unplanned water landing in high winds.

In 2015, there were 13,832 surfing accidents, 7,335 water skiing accidents, 5,280 water tubing accidents.

From 2012 to 2016, there were 21,262 accidents and $207 million in property damage involving recreational watercrafts.

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