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When it’s summer time, many people are trying to get out and have some fun. One of the best places to do this is at a water park! We have all been to one of these and had a great time but sometimes you hear about a water park that had a problem with a claim or an injury. It can be very difficult for them to find insurance after this happens. Most insurance companies won’t offer water park insurance and once a park has a large claim, they usually go out of business…

Many insurance companies will deny coverage to these water parks for a plethora of reasons: you have too many claims, you’re in the wrong part of town, no coverage offered in your state, or you have too many slides that aren’t considered safe. If you have come across any of these issues, it can be very frustrating…

XINSURANCE will find insurance solutions for any water park regardless of size, rides, location, claims history, or any other reason that many of the other carriers could be throwing at you.  We can cover indoor water parks, outdoor water parks, theme parks, waterslides, the employees and lifeguards, and more and help you get back on your feet if you have had some claims problems. With XINSURANCE, you will have the customized coverage you need through our all-in-one approach with direct access to underwriting, risk management, and claims management.

water park insurance
water park insurance

What Does Liability Insurance for Water Parks Do?

Sometimes, accidents happen at water parks. Slips and falls, water with too much chlorine, or another injury can occur. Or an advertising campaign could go awry and lead another water park or customer to sue your business for content they felt was inaccurate.

When an accident or other unforeseen circumstance occurs, it’s essential to be prepared and move forward from the situation. Our insurance offerings allow you to rest assured that you have coverage if something unexpected happens at your facility.

Water park liability insurance gives you true peace of mind by protecting your assets in the case of a lawsuit. With our business insurance options, we offer accident and commercial general liability (CGL) insurance to cover a variety of potential lawsuits. We can also help protect your business in the case of accidents, negligence, or lawsuits.

Having the right insurance can save you thousands of dollars in court fees. We can provide coverage for settlement costs or a jury verdict, as well as other court fees. If you encounter a challenging legal situation, you can have the peace of mind that we’re on your side throughout the process.

What We Cover With Water Park Insurance

We can provide coverage for a variety of potential incidents that could derail water park operations. It’s important to be ready for liabilities that could come while covering your business if you face a lawsuit. Having the right insurance for the situation is essential for managing risk and successfully handling unforeseen circumstances.

You can get coverage from us for many situations, such as:

  • Bodily injury: If a water park ride malfunctions, personnel don’t notice someone in distress in the water, or someone slips and falls on the premises, your park could be liable for damages. That’s why we offer the right coverage to handle liability situations.
  • Advertising injury: An advertising campaign might say more rides will be available than those that are actually operational, or an ad image of your property could resemble another park too closely. If you face falsifying information or copyright charges, we can provide coverage for the costs.
  • Legal defense and judgment: With our insurance offerings, you can get coverage for the legal services you need in the event of a lawsuit.
  • Communicable Disease Liability Coverage: If you end up in a lawsuit where a consumer claims they were exposed to an illness at your site, we can offer liability insurance protection.
  • Active shooter liability: These plans will cover your liability exposure resulting from a shooting incident on your property.
  • Commercial property: Commercial property insurance will protect your business in the case of damage to the physical property you own, such as buildings and equipment.
  • Alleged sexual abuse and molestation liability: This insurance covers allegations of sexual misconduct made against you or your employees.
  • Alleged assault and battery liability: This coverage covers allegations of assault and/or battery made against you or your employees.
  • Liquor liability: This coverage will protect you in circumstances involving alcohol. If you accidentally serve someone too much and they are involved in an accident or incident, this coverage can protect you.
  • Products liability: This coverage covers you if a claim is made against a product (such as a water slide) that is faulty, broken, etc.

Why Get Covered by XINSURANCE?

With XINSURANCE, you can have confidence and peace of mind about protecting your business’s assets. We offer an all-in-one policy, so you have what you need to move forward with your business goals. Our goal is to help you have a safe, successful business and keep your customers wanting to come back.

We focus on providing quick response underwriting and offer customized coverage to fit your unique needs. If you’d like a policy review, we can assess your current policy for free and explain any exclusion or gaps that might cause issues down the road. We can also help you identify what you need to do to protect your business and prepare for problems that might come up.

If you’re ready to get trusted services to handle your water park’s liability insurance, XINSURANCE is here to help. When you face a challenging circumstance, we provide the support you need to recover and get back on track. We combine our years of experience and expertise to ensure you have the best options for your business. If an accident, lawsuit, or other incident occurs, you can feel confident that we have your back.

For more information, reach out today to get a quote on the best insurance for your operations.


As you choose the best insurance options for your water park, some key points will help you better understand potential lawsuits and liability. Ensure that you know your water park’s legal options to make an informed decision.


As you choose the best insurance options for your water park, some key points will help you better understand potential lawsuits and liability. Ensure that you know your water park’s legal options to make an informed decision.


According to data, specific water park conditions can put these facilities at high risk for visitor injuries. Remember these essential facts to understand your operation’s situation and the risk you will take as you open your water park to customers.

water park insurance

About 86% of reported water park injuries involve water slides, according to Saferparks.org, and in most cases accidents are caused by high-velocity, slippery slides. (Source)

water park insurance

Every year, an estimated 80 million people attend the more than 1,000 water parks in the United States. (Source)

water park insurance

The Red Cross cites estimations by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which revealed that more than 4,200 people are taken to the emergency room a year from a water park-related injury. (Source)


XINSURANCE, Powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, is a proud member of WWA (World Waterpark Association).

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