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About Us

There are few things as troubling as hearing that you’re not covered by your insurance policy. XINSURANCE was founded on the belief that no one should ever have to fear of being under-covered. By providing you with access to customized liability insurance policies that cover gaps in your traditional insurance coverage, XINSURANCE helps minimize exposures and maximize peace of mind.

The reality is most liability insurance provides adequate protection for homeowners, business owners, and employers. Unfortunately, in today’s litigious society, there are huge areas of exposure in the event of a lawsuit. XINSURANCE fills that liability insurance void for you.

Customized Coverage for You

With XINSURANCE, you can purchase customized liability insurance coverage that will protect you in all the areas that your homeowners, employers, and business insurance policies won’t or can’t. Our underwriting team brings you over 30 years of experience, along with the ability to offer customized limits, coverage, deductibles, and premiums to create the perfect plan for your personal protection.

Having Trouble Getting Insurance Coverage?

XINSURANCE also specializes in helping individuals and businesses who live a lifestyle or participate in activities that make them difficult for traditional carriers to insure. If you’ve been denied, non-renewed, or canceled coverage, don’t give up quite yet. Chances are XINSURANCE can help.

If you need help, have questions, or want us to review your current policy, contact us at 877-585-2853 or