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Navigate the highway of Commercial Trucking Insurance and equip your business with the protection it deserves with our comprehensive insurance solutions.

We’ll help you navigate the winding roads of insurance coverage, ensuring that your valuable fleet, cargo, and operations are shielded against unforeseen risks and challenges. With a focus on tailored solutions and expert insights, we aim to empower your trucking business with the protection it needs to thrive on the open road. Welcome to a world where security meets success in the realm of Commercial Trucking Insurance.

The Importance of Commercial Trucking Insurance

Commercial trucking insurance is of utmost importance as it provides essential protection for both the trucking company and other road users. The nature of commercial trucking involves long distances, heavy loads, and potential risks, making accidents and liability claims more likely. Commercial trucking insurance provides coverage for damages and injuries resulting from accidents and incidents and can protect the trucking company from financial losses. Additionally, it helps maintain compliance with any state or federal insurance requirements. Overall, commercial trucking insurance is necessary to mitigate risks, protect assets, and ensure the smooth operations and viability of trucking businesses.

Many insurance companies have entered and backed out of the commercial auto market but XINSURANCE will be by your side as a reliable partner because we’ve been specializing in commercial trucking insurance for over 40 years. If you’re struggling to find insurance, we offer customized commercial trucking insurance solutions that are tailored to your needs. We can cover trucks that are used for business purposes, such as long-haul trucking, short-haul trucking, delivery trucks, dump trucks, tow trucks, garbage trucks, auto fleets, and more.

Types of Companies and Truckers We Provide Insurance Solutions For

  • Long-Haul Trucking
  • Sand, Gravel, or Dump Trucks
  • Flatbed Trucking
  • Intermodal / UIIA
  • Owner-Operators
  • Dry Van Trucking
  • Tanker Haulers
  • Heavy Haulers
  • Refrigerated Freight Haulers
  • Hazmat Haulers
  • Ice Road Truckers
  • Private Carriers
  • For-hire Carriers
  • Common Carriers
  • Contract Carriers
  • Local & National Carriers
  • And More!
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Coverage Options For A Trucking Insurance Policy

Commercial Auto Liability*

Provides auto liability coverage for your company-owned or personally-owned vehicle primarily used for business purposes. Learn more.

*Available in most states

Physical Damage

Provides protection against damage to the insured vehicle(s). This coverage can include collision coverage, which pays for damages caused by collisions with other vehicles or objects.

Motor Truck Cargo

Covers physical damage while transporting goods. Usually, policies enact limitations on certain commodities, such as tobacco, alcohol, and furs, because these are subject to special trade restrictions.

Hired & Non-Owned Auto*

Covers expenses for third-party property damage and bodily injury when an accident occurs with a vehicle, used for business purposes, that isn’t owned by the company.

*Available in most states

Contingent Auto Liability

Contingent auto liability coverage is primarily designed for leasing companies that own vehicles they lease to others. When a company leases a vehicle, it retains legal ownership and may be named in a lawsuit resulting from an accident involving the leased vehicle. This coverage protects the company in such situations. Additionally, trucking brokers who match privately owned trucks with jobs also assume liability and could face similar lawsuits. Contingent auto liability coverage would protect the broker in these cases as well.

Trailer Interchange Coverage

It is common for truckers to use trailers belonging to others, and this coverage provides coverage for physical damage incurred to a trailer while it is in the driver’s possession. It requires a “written trailer or equipment interchange agreement” to be in place for the insurance to operate upon the trailer.

New Operators Coverage

Provides protection for recently hired drivers with limited experience or newly acquired CDLs. It addresses the risks associated with inexperienced drivers and helps mitigate liability exposures. This coverage is specifically tailored to provide insurance protection for trucking companies that employ new drivers.

CGL for Terminal Operations

Protects the trucking company or owner-operator from liabilities related to the operation of their transportation terminal or facility. It covers potential lawsuits or claims for bodily injury and property damage that may occur at the terminal. This coverage ensures financial protection for the company in case of accidents or incidents at their terminal.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability

Protects people from personal losses if they are sued as a result of serving as a director or an officer of an organization. Learn more.

Personal Liability

Personal liability protection in the event of an accident and a claim is made against you. Learn more.

Pollution Clean-Up

Covers the costs associated with pollution clean-up caused by your business.

Professional Liability

Coverage for claims regarding negligent acts and more. Learn more.

Property Coverage

Covers the building and its contents from weather-related risks, vandalism, theft, and more. Learn more.

TRU Umbrella

Additional coverage to fill the gaps and exclusions in your existing policy. Learn more.

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Free MVR Monitoring and Reporting Guide

Whether your business has a fleet of trucks, or just one or two salespeople on the road, it could be at risk for a costly lawsuit.

Learn how to reduce your liability risk with this free guide about MVR Monitoring and reporting in the transportation industry.

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FAQ About Commercial Trucking Insurance

Why Should I Have Commercial Trucking Insurance?

You need commercial trucking insurance to help protect you when things go wrong. In life, you will learn how good your insurance partner is when what can happen does happen. XINSURANCE stands by your side when an accident, incident, claim, or lawsuit occurs. Having trucking insurance can protect you from significant financial loss and sometimes can be the difference between staying in business and closing your doors. In most places, commercial trucking insurance is required.

Can I Be Insured if I've Been Dropped or Rejected by an Insurance Company?

We know that companies are dropping out of the commercial trucking market but we are here to stay. Yes, XINSURANCE can help you even if you’ve been declined, canceled, or non-renewed by an insurance company. We step in to provide an insurance solution when others can’t or won’t.

We can also help you even if you are a new or inexperience driver, considered high risk, or have a claims history.

What Coverage Do I Need For My Trucking Company's Insurance Policy?

The type of insurance coverage needed in the trucking industry will depend on your unique circumstances. XINSURANCE does not provide a cookie-cutter policy that applies to everyone. Instead, we talk to you and learn more about you and/or your business. We then come up with a customized insurance solution that provides coverage based on your needs. This unique all-in-one approach allows you to pick the coverage you want to have on your insurance policy.

What is the Cost of Commercial Trucking Insurance?

The cost of commercial trucking insurance depends on a variety of factors, including  the truck driver’s experience and driving record, the nature of the cargo being transported, the distance traveled, the value and condition of the vehicles, and more.

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Learn More About The Trucking Industry

Trucking Industry Risks

The commercial trucking industry faces several risks that can impact their operations and profitability. These risks include accidents on the road, which can lead to injuries, fatalities, and damage to the vehicles and goods being transported. Other risks include theft of cargo, damage or loss of cargo due to natural disasters or other incidents, and equipment failures. The industry also faces regulatory risks, such as compliance with safety regulations and changes to laws and regulations that can affect operations. Additionally, trucking companies must navigate intense competition, rising fuel costs, and the challenge of finding qualified drivers to operate their vehicles. Overall, the commercial trucking industry faces a range of risks that require diligent risk management to ensure success and profitability.

The Need for Truckers

There will always be a great need for truckers. They transport clothing, food, furniture, electrical goods, and more all across the country. The trucking industry accounts for more than 5% of all full-time jobs in the US. However, there is currently a shortage of approximately 80,000 drivers.

That means there is a chronic need for drivers on the roads for the country to keep receiving the goods it requires.

The Downfall of the Trucking Insurance Market

We appreciate that times are hard for those who are working in the trucking industry. That’s why we deliver excellent quality insurance for trucking companies. High-quality insurance is still necessary, despite the industry facing a downturn.

The downturn has left many business owners or independent drivers facing bankruptcy, with many having to look for other ways to make a living. In late 2019, one of the largest trucking firms – Celadon – closed its doors for good and left a staggering 3,000 drivers jobless. Individuals were stranded along the roads mid-route with no means of paying for fuel to get themselves home. This was the latest company in a long line of over 800 trucking firms and independent drivers to go under.

There are two main reasons for this ongoing catastrophe:

  • The rising tariffs imposed on goods imported from China, which impacted the ability to get goods at an affordable rate
  • The soaring cost of insurance for trucking companies

The market for insurance for trucking companies has been a touchy subject for a while. Increased premiums coupled with more and more insurers unwilling to take on the risks that come with the trucking industry have left thousands of workers unable to afford insurance. Or they have been unable to find insurance. This is even more of a problem for trucking businesses that have a safety or accident/loss record that is less than exemplary; these are often outright refused by insurers.

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Commercial Truck Insurance Solutions

Commercial Trucking Insurance from XINSURANCE is available for all types of trucking companies and truck drivers in the industry.

The XINSURANCE quote process takes a hands-on and highly engaged approach to helping you find the best coverage for your needs. Submit a quote request today and get in contact with a member of our team to learn more.

Disclaimer: Primary commercial auto insurance is not available in every state and we do not offer personal auto insurance. Please contact us to check state availability.

Know the Facts

Drivers on their phone are 23 times more likely than others to suffer from a vehicle accident – yet virtually all of today’s taxi drivers use mobile phones or other GPS systems to navigate.

According to the FMCSA, there were 415,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks in 2020 in the United States.

60% of crashes involving commercial vehicles occurred on rural roads, while only 25% of them occurred on rural or urban interstate highways.

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XINSURANCE is very easy to deal with. We didn’t have to wait forever for the information we needed. And the whole process of finding a plan that worked for us was almost too easy.

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At XINSURANCE, we believe in taking an active role in defending the interests of our customers. When an insured is facing challenges such as frivolous lawsuits or unfounded charges, we take pride in staying by their side.

Unique Requirements are Our Specialty

XINSURANCE specializes in covering the extraordinary cases that other agents lack expertise in. If you need something insured and can’t find a policy for it anywhere else — chances are our team will know exactly how to get you coverage for it.

Built-For-You Flexibility & Dedicated Support

The XINSURANCE approach to coverage is anything but “one size fits all”. Our specialty insurance experts work one-on-one with you to fully understand your circumstances, insurance needs, and high-risk areas up front. This means that by the time your policy is issued, we're fully prepared to support you through the worst-case scenarios — not drop you when an incident, claim, or lawsuit occurs.

More of Your Coverage - All In One Place

Though your policies won’t be “one size fits all,” XINSURANCE does take an all-in-one approach to insurance. This means that instead of buying several policies, we’re able to offer coverage solutions for your various needs all in one plan.

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