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We believe that the foundation for growth and success is partnership.
By working together, we increase each other’s value. That’s the partnership advantage.

Working with XINSURANCE:

  • Expanding Opportunity

    When the standard market says no, we step in
    to provide specialty insurance solutions.

  • Partnership Advantage

    We build trusted relationships and work in close
    collaboration with our partners to produce amazing results.

  • Integrated Services

    Customized underwriting, risk management partnership,
    extraordinary claims results.

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XINSURANCE is a dba of Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC

Same great team, same great coverage and service.

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What We Can Cover

As a broker in surplus and excess insurance lines, XINSURANCE can accommodate specific and hard-to-place risks that traditional insurance companies won’t cover.

This results in options and solutions for consumers that are not “one-size-fits-all,” but instead are skillfully tailored to meet specific needs for risks that aren’t covered by traditional policies.

For producers, there are no production requirements when working with XINSURANCE. We have access to a unique profit-sharing program based on profitability. Submit an interest form to get in touch with our team and learn more.

Solutions for Insurance Gaps & Exclusions

As an insurance agent, it’s your goal to protect your clients. Unfortunately, with traditional insurance policies, there are gaps and ongoing exclusions. More and more exclusions are being added to standard policies as appetites change throughout the marketplace.

XINSURANCE offers true umbrella coverage that takes into account any home, work, and lifestyle risk to customize a plan for the insured.

Class-Specific Applications

Offering custom insurance solutions starts with a highly customized class application process. That’s why XINSURANCE employs a wide variety of class applications specific to the needs of your clients.

If you don’t find a class application that fits your needs, start here with the general application, and our team members can help you discover the personalized solutions you need.

It Pays to Choose XINSURANCE

Profit Sharing and No Minimum Production Requirements

XINSURANCE has no minimum production requirements and has access to unique profit sharing opportunities.


Flexible underwriting, risk management expertise, and in-house claims management. XINSURANCE provides solutions for custom insurance coverage for your clients.


XINSURANCE can offer flexible premium financing through Greenlight Premium Financing Company. Greenlight terms are flexible based on account size and historical experience.

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Policy underwriting tailored to suit you

Expert support when facing frivolous charges

Expansive coverage options

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