Are you an insurance agent looking to supplement your existing clients coverage?



Are you an insurance agent looking to supplement your existing clients coverage?



As an insurance agent, it’s your goal to protect your clients. Unfortunately, with traditional insurance policies, the perfect coverage is simply unattainable due to policy exclusions. The XINSURANCE product line is designed to address the two largest areas of exposure in your clients’ coverage:


The holes and gaps that exist in their current coverage

Some examples of insurance policy exclusions include:

  • Homeowner policies that exclude damage or injury caused by certain canine breeds. Tell me more about Animal Liability Insurance.
  • Business Insurance policies that exclude personal liability and claims defense coverage for sexual harassment and molestation claims brought against individuals. Tell me more about Business Owner Insurance.
  • Professional insurance policies that exclude coverage for off-duty actions taken by security guards, law enforcement and emergency medical personnel. Tell me more about Security Services Insurance.


Personal activities, hobbies, volunteer work, responsibilities and circumstances that can expose your clients to personal liability and litigation.

Some examples of exclusive liability include:

  • Ownership of a firearm and/or instructing firearm courses.
  • Participation in extreme sports as an amateur participant or professional.
  • Actions taken or provided while moonlighting or carrying out a side job.

Let XINSURANCE tailor a Custom Liability Policy for your clients’ specific areas of exposure.

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