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Personal Liability Insurance


There are gaps in traditional insurance that leave you exposed to liability risks. People today are drawn to many activities that result in a full and active lifestyle such as adventure activities, volunteerism, mentoring, developing skills in sports, training for firearms, special extreme sports, etc. For most however, understanding the associated risks of injury, fault, and liability is not always thought about until something goes wrong – then there is usually plenty of blame to go around. Factor in everyday life that offers surprises and things you never saw coming. So as part of your protection plan, you need a partner to make sure you have the right personal protection in place in the event of an incident or claim. Anyone can get sued for negligence, recklessness, or omission in almost all activities. So from every day to extreme risks, if an incident or claim occurs, and circumstances line up a certain way, lawsuits can happen. Preserve your lifestyle, assets, and financial security by identifying and filling insurance gaps that expose you to paying costly damages from a lawsuit. We will help you develop a personal protection plan. We’ll deliver a partnership approach for your personal liability protection.

Our most popular custom insurance protection policies

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Pilot Liability

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Animal Liability

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Firearm & Concealed Weapon

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Customized Legal

Give your assets 360-degree protection!