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At competitive or special events across the nation, lawsuits are being filed for bodily injury of others, property damage to rented premises, and the general negligence of participants. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for injured parties to seek legal judgment, not only against event organizers but also the individual participants. So what makes special event insurance so important? Attorneys will look for an indication of individual liability at every possible turn – in an effort to maximize the awarded judgment for their client. Oftentimes, event organizers or participants carry minimum-limit, broad stroke insurance policies intended to cover spectators, venues, and competitors. Are you prepared to be held responsible for a major injury or accident that could happen to a spectator or participant during your event? XINSURANCE will provide you with insurance solutions when an accident strikes, thanks to special event insurance.

special event insurance
special event insurance


What Is Special Event Insurance?

Special event insurance is coverage for an event holder who faces liability or a lawsuit for property damage or bodily injury to third parties and more. Along with protection from damages, you may also be able to protect your investment in the event through special event insurance. This insurance can also provide coverage for the venue or event sponsors if they are added to the policy.

What is the purpose of event insurance? Although event insurance is typically overlooked, it is always a good idea to have it in case of accidents. The following are a few scenarios in which having special event insurance can be useful:

  • Someone accidentally starts a fire at the property.
  • A guest is injured after slipping and falling at a special event you are hosting.
  • Someone becomes intoxicated at your event and injures another person while driving home.
  • One of your employees damages property at the venue where your company is hosting the event.
  • You need to cancel the special event because of an unforeseen cause that was out of your control.

If you or your company will be hosting an event, purchasing special event insurance is a wise investment that can offer you the protection you need and true peace of mind.

Special Event Insurance Coverage

What coverage will you receive when you obtain event insurance? The following coverages are offered through event insurance:

  • General liability: injuries that are sustained by a guest or participant as well as damage to a third party’s property
  • Liquor liability: Damage or injury caused by an intoxicated guest.
  • Event Cancellation: for when your event unexpectedly needs to be canceled or postponed due to circumstances beyond your control such as adverse weather or death
  • Customized Coverage: You can also purchase additional coverage under special event insurance.

What Other Events Does Special Event Insurance Cover?

What are insured events? Special event insurance provides coverage for single-day and multiple-day events, including:

  • Award presentations
  • Anniversary events
  • Baby showers
  • Banquets
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Birthday parties
  • Car shows
  • Conventions
  • Farmers markets
  • Festivals
  • Graduation parties
  • Job fairs
  • Proms or school dances
  • Quinceañeras
  • Reunions
  • Sweet sixteen parties
  • Tradeshows
  • Weddings

No One Should Operate Without Proper Coverage

If you run special events, you’ll likely be all too aware that most insurers don’t want to know when it comes to coverage for liability, especially if you have a business in which accidents have occurred in the past.

This is where our insurance for special events differs from the rest of the market. We’ve got over 40 years of expertise at our disposal, which puts us in the unique position of being able to offer coverage to businesses that other insurers may avoid.

Our specialty lies with providing solutions for high-risk and hard-to-insure activities and businesses – including special events.

XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. Our all-in-one approach means that we assess your business operations and experience to see if we can customize a policy that’s designed to meet your needs fully, even if you’ve got a history that would usually render you uninsurable.

It is our belief that no one should ever operate without proper coverage, so our insurance for special events is available for those seeking peace of mind.

Special Event Insurance With XINSURANCE

At XINSURANCE, we offer our customers several advantages. We provide our customers with customizable liability insurance solutions to help minimize exposure and improve our customers’ peace of mind. Unfortunately, in the event of a lawsuit, many business owners and homeowners are open to exposure. XINSURANCE can fill that gap in liability insurance.

When you purchase special event insurance from us, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • All-in-one approach
  • Availability in all 50 states
  • Customized coverage
  • Existing claims and underwriting
  • Exclusions coverage
  • Help with old and new claims
  • True peace of mind

Our customizable liability insurance solutions will ensure that you are protected.

Coverages Available:
Commercial Liability, All Activities, Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV), Registered Participant Liability, Participant Bodily Injury, and Spectator Liability.




Special Event Insurance

Almost 50 percent of head injuries sustained in sports or recreational activities occur during bicycling, skateboarding, or skating accidents.

Special Event Insurance

Extreme sports cause more than 40,000 head and neck injuries annually.

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