Insurance for Security Guards & Security Services

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Insurance for Security Guards & Security Services



Whether it’s as a security doorman or a personal security officer, armed and unarmed security service professionals are constantly under pressure trying to provide safety in accordance with their job. With all of the pressure that comes from a security job, why not find the insurance coverage that allows you to perform your duties without risk of personal liability. Whether you need a customized insurance policy for an entire security company or simply a unique policy for yourself or other professionals in the security guard industry, we at XINSURANCE provide solutions for armed and unarmed security guard insurance. Give us a call to learn more, today!

Disclaimer: This policy may not be offered in every state depending on applicable state and local laws. Please contact us for more information.

insurance for security guards and insurance for security services
insurance for security guards and insurance for security services


What Is Security Guard Liability Insurance?

Security guards perform a dangerous job. Liability insurance for security guards can protect you or your business if something goes wrong while they perform their high-stress duties.

Liability insurance offers third-party coverage, which means other people receive compensation if an incident occurs related to your security guards. If you don’t have security guard insurance, you may have to pay huge damages fees. XINSURANCE can provide solutions for risks such as personal injury, lost keys, errors and omissions, and even alleged assault and battery liability. From a fight that breaks out to accidental injuries caused by a security guard’s actions, you can stay protected.

You can also purchase excess or true umbrella liability coverage to give your business further protection. Having insurance allows you to relax and focus on running your company even if you get sued.

How Does Security Services Liability Insurance Work to Protect Me or My Business?

Say a fight breaks out at a club, and one of your bouncers accidentally hits someone while trying to break up the dispute. Liability insurance can cover the medical bills for the injured party. If they sue for damages, your policy may also cover the payout if they were to win. As your insurance partner, we fight lawsuits to the best of our ability. If the fight your security guard participates in causes damage to the building next door, insurance may be able to cover the cost of repairs.

You can’t predict what will happen in the future. When you employ security guard services, you could benefit from knowing that your company is protected. Your policy can cover the legal expenses if you are sued as well as the amount awarded in the case, within your policy limit. Our in-house legal team provides extraordinary claims results and fights for you!

Please note we do not provide workers’ comp.

What Types of Security Guards Need Liability Insurance?

Security guards across a range of industries can benefit from liability insurance. Many different fields employ security guards. They may sit at a front desk and sign in visitors, or they could stand outside your club, letting people in and turning others away. Whether they interact with people all the time or stay in a guard station where they come into little contact with others, security guards perform many of the same duties. Industries that use security guards may include:

  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Special events
  • Schools
  • Industrial corporations
  • Construction sites
  • Contractors at the state, county, and federal levels
  • Education buildings
  • Banks and financial institutions

Security guards protect your property and act as the first, and sometimes last, line of defense against intruders. For that reason, companies in industries that employ security guards should consider obtaining liability insurance. Having coverage allows your employees to concentrate on their jobs and worry less about what may happen in the event of work-related mishaps.

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It’s important to protect yourself and your security guards in the event of injuries or damage. At XINSURANCE, we can provide the necessary coverage solutions to help put your mind at ease. Contact us and speak to a representative or request a free quote for your business and yourself.




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Bar security doormen are being sued more often for using excessive force than for any other reason.

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