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Event & Home Fireworks Liability Insurance

Ask anyone to name a word that comes to mind when they think about summer and you’ll definitely hear people say “fireworks”. Whether it’s to celebrate the 4th of July or just to have fun with some friends, fireworks are as big of a part of summer tradition as baseball and hotdogs. While you might be more focused on how much fun fireworks are, you should definitely be concerned with the liability you are at risk for when setting off fireworks at your home or volunteering in an event. Everyone knows how dangerous fireworks can be, whether it’s the possibility of harming an individual or even accidentally causing a fire that destroys property, you need to make sure you have the right fireworks liability insurance plan to protect yourself from any potential lawsuits.

Even if you are on your own property, it’s still very important to make sure you are protected in the event that damage occurs to neighboring yards or homes. Not to mention the fact that you can’t always control who is watching your fireworks display and never know who might file a lawsuit against you for any bodily harm caused by a rouge firework. Despite how complicated fireworks liability may sound, making sure you’re covered in the event of injuries or property damage is as simple as finding the right custom fireworks insurance plan that can be designed exactly for your needs.