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For businesses and individuals

It’s hard to find anything more exhilarating than zipping across the water on a jet ski. Depending on the model, this type of personal watercraft can achieve speeds ranging from 40 to 70 mph, which ensures a thrilling adventure for any operator. No wonder they’re such a popular item for people to rent while on vacation or a weekend getaway.

While there’s no doubt that jet skis are great fun, they also pose a significant danger to operators, as well as others in the water. Because of their high speed, a jet ski accident can result in severe injuries and even death. In many cases, renters do not have extensive experience operating jet skis, which contributes to their high risk. Consequently, obtaining liability insurance can be a challenge for individuals, as well as businesses that deal in jet ski rentals.

jet ski rental insurance for businesses and individuals
jet ski rental insurance for businesses and individuals


XINSURANCE Offers Solutions for Personal Watercraft Insurance

At XINSURANCE, we provide comprehensive liability insurance solutions for the most difficult risks, including jet skis. Whether you’ve been having a hard time finding coverage or been canceled or non-renewed by your carrier, count on us to provide a plan that meets your needs. We can even help cover any gaps or exclusions in your current policy. You’ll have true peace of mind knowing that you can protect your assets if an accident or incident that causes injuries or property damage occurs.

What Does Jet Ski Rental Insurance Cover?

Whether you’re an individual or an owner of a jet ski rental business, we can offer a plan that provides up to $10 million in liability insurance coverage (or up to $20 million through our reinsurance partners). The specific types of liability protection include:

  • Third-party liability for bodily injury: Pays for the injuries you cause to others due to an accident when operating a personal watercraft. Your insurance will cover the injured party’s medical bills and any awards resulting from a successful lawsuit against you.
  • Third-party liability for property damage: Covers the damages you cause to the property of others (but not your own).
  • Physical damage: Pays for damage the rented equipment suffers while in the renter’s custody and control.

Without this insurance protection, you or your business could be on the hook for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and property repairs or replacement. The right amount of liability coverage will reduce your risk and help to prevent a significant financial loss.

If you operate a jet ski rental service and need to provide workers’ compensation insurance, you will need to purchase an external policy, as XINSURANCE does not provide this coverage.

Common Jet Ski Rental Insurance Claim Scenarios

Examples of situations where your liability insurance should protect you include:

  • An accident resulting from your negligence causes damage to another watercraft
  • Property damage results from your collision with a boat dock
  • When traveling at a high rate of speed, you lose control of your jet ski and strike a swimmer, resulting in a severe injury or death
  • You cause a collision with another watercraft, leading to injuries or deaths of individuals on the other vessel
  • You’re towing a water skier or wakeboarder with your jet ski and the other party suffers an injury

Also, if you loan the jet ski rental to another operator, the policy will likely cover any property damage or injuries resulting from their negligence.

Why Choose Us for Personal Watercraft Insurance?

At XINSURANCE, we’ll help you obtain a customized insurance plan that addresses the unique liability exposures that you or your business face. With our flexible underwriting, we’re able to accept risks that other providers tend to avoid. XINSURANCE believes in approaching each policy as a partnership, so we’ll create an all-in-one coverage plan that addresses your unique needs — no more, no less. You’ll be able to enjoy all the fun and opportunity of jet ski rental with true peace of mind.

We support the policies we offer with superior customer service, including prompt, reliable claims assistance. Our claims representatives are available around the clock to take your call and get the process started when an incident occurs.

About Our Application Process

The customer journey when applying for coverage from XINSURANCE is fast and easy. Start by filling out and submitting the online application. Our underwriters will review the information and schedule a phone call with you to discuss the risk in more detail. We’ll then issue a no-obligation quote for your approval. If you agree to the terms and pay the initial premium, your new policy will be issued. The entire process typically takes 24 hours or less.

Contact us to get your free jet ski rental insurance quote today. If you already have a personal watercraft policy, we’ll be happy to review it to determine if there are any gaps in your coverage.

With XINSURANCE, you can purchase customized liability insurance coverage that will protect you in all the areas that your homeowners, employers, and business insurance policies won’t or can’t. Our underwriting team brings you over 40 years of experience, along with the ability to offer customized limits, coverage, deductibles, and premiums to create the perfect plan for your personal protection.

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