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As an outfitter, guide, instructor, or guided tour company, you know all about the obvious inherent risks and dangers of operating in the outdoors. However, even if you, your employees, and/or your clients are careful and do all that you can to avoid risk, that doesn’t mean that you’re safe from a lawsuit. Leading an adventurous lifestyle can lead to accidents at any time, anywhere, and this could result in financial loss or loss of assets.

You’re their guide, so who is yours? With XINSURANCE, you will have the customized coverage you need through our all-in-one approach with direct access to underwriting, risk management, and claims management. By reviewing your operations and experience level, we provide insurance solutions made to fit your needs, not a cookie-cutter approach where you have to fit in with everybody else.

insurance for outfitters guides and guided tours

Risk Classes We Insure:


Worldwide Outfitter & Guides Association (WOGA)

The Worldwide Outfitter & Guides Association (“WOGA”) is a non-profit industry association of professional outfitters and guides that provides individual members with access to liability insurance through the association. Liability insurance can be difficult for industry professionals, especially small operators, to obtain. WOGA provides a solution for insurance needs.

With XINSURANCE, you can purchase customized liability insurance coverage that will protect you in all the areas that your homeowners, employers, and business insurance policies won’t or can’t. Our underwriting team brings you over 40 years of experience, along with the ability to offer customized limits, coverage, deductibles, and premiums to create the perfect plan for your personal protection.

More Information About Insurance For Guides and Tours

What Is Outfitter and Guide Liability Insurance?

At XINSURANCE, our outfitter and guide liability insurance can provide you with customized umbrella coverage. We may help you gain coverage for your policy’s exclusions or fill the gaps. For example, our outfitter and guide liability insurance may protect you in the event of bodily injury or property damage caused by your services and the service-related property you own. Liability insurance refers to third-party coverage, meaning it does not apply to business owners or employees.

If an injured party sues you, the liability insurance on covered claims may compensate them for associated medical bills and the cost of replacing or repairing their damaged property. Without outfitter and guide liability insurance, you could pay thousands of dollars in expenses for those damages. With it, you can experience true peace of mind.

A customed outfitter and guide liability policy may cover:

  • Equipment rentals
  • Professional liability
  • Third-party injuries
  • Third-party property damages
  • Alleged assault and battery
  • Alleged sexual abuse and molestation

How Does Outfitter and Guide Liability Insurance Work?

Suppose a client gets injuries to a part of their body during one of your business activities. In that case, your outfitter and guide liability insurance may cover the medical bills, so you don’t have to pay those expenses out of your pocket. In another situation, imagine one of your activities causes damage to someone else’s property. Third-party coverage in your policy may cover the cost of replacing or repairing the damage.

In a scenario when an injured party files a lawsuit, your outfitter and guide liability insurance may cover costs up to the limits of your policy for any amount determined by a jury or judge and your legal expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liability Insurance for Guides and Outfitters

Learn more about liability insurance for guides and outfitters from these common questions and answers:

How do I know whether you will cover my activity?

We can cover your activities and operations as long as they’re scheduled. Check out the above list of covered activities for guides and outfitters or check your policy terms. If you want clarification on whether your specific policy covers an activity, reach out to us to have your questions answered.

How can I receive a copy of my policy?

You may be able to view and print a copy of your liability insurance immediately after completely filling out an online application and paying online. If you work with a team member at XINSURANCE, you can view a copy when you make an account, and we’ll send you a copy of your policy after you sign and pay for your insurance terms.

Do you offer insurance in all 50 states?

XINSURANCE may provide insurance in every state. Each location may contain specific requirements and specifications for obtaining liability insurance for guides and outfitters.

How does liability insurance protect me?

The insurance can protect you in the event of an incident, accident, or lawsuit. For example, If you are sued for a covered claim, you may have legal fees and expenses for third-party medical bills and property repairs or replacements. Your coverage may mitigate these costs up to your term limits.

America Outdoors Association (AOA)

We are proud members of the America Outdoors Association.

The AOA is the international trade association for the world’s finest adventure travel outfitters, tour companies, and outdoor educators and their suppliers.

To learn more, go to

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Injuries that result from hiking are incurred by 6.3% of all persons injured while performing outdoor recreational activities – hiking is the 3rd most common cause of injuries related to outdoor activities. Source

In 2015 alone, the CPSC estimates that nearly 98,000 people received emergency room treatment for ATV-related injuries.

58% of climbing victims were roped climbing, 12% were involved in a belaying incident, 43% were stranded or lost, 4.5% were in a rockfall incident. Source

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