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Man riding electric foil board on a lake

Insurance for Lift eFoils and Electric Surfboards

Electric hydrofoil (eFoil) surfboards sprang onto the water sports scene in 2016. This exciting activity allows the rider to feel like he or she is flying across the water. It’s no wonder that using eFoil electric surfboards is one of the must-do water sports of this decade.

Although thrilling to use, eFoils are difficult to master. Those wishing to try need lessons, because eFoils are fast and unforgiving. Those who instruct will be familiar with the dangers of the sport and that liability insurance for eFoil electric surfboards allows them to teach with confidence. No instructor wants to face a costly lawsuit because someone injured themselves or someone else on their watch. And liability insurance for lift eFoils removes some of the risk of being out of pocket should an instructor get sued.

Accidents will Increase

Because eFoil sports are very young, there aren’t many statistics out there. But even seasoned pros have fallen victim to nasty injuries on eFoils. Surfer Yu Tonbi Sumitomo suffered nasty facial injuries after colliding on a hydrofoil board. Pro surfer William Aliotti almost lost two fingers when he entangled them in the eFoil blade. Luckily the medical team managed to save them.

If these are the types of injuries sustained by experienced riders, imagine what it could be like for those with no or very little experience. The bottom line is that eFoil surfing is unlike traditional surfing. It’s faster and more dangerous, so accidents on these types of craft are likely to rise.

XINSURANCE: Insurance for Lift eFoils and Insurance for eFoil Electric Surfboards

The eFoil sports trend is not going away. As demand surges, those who teach the sport need to get themselves protected. XINSURANCE has been providing liability coverage for high-risk sports and activities for over three decades, and eFoils are no exception.

XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. Our insurance for lift eFoils and insurance for eFoil electric surfboards is customized coverage that we can provide thanks to our “all-in-one” approach. We look at your experience level and operations and use that information to get you exactly the coverage you need.

We can provide liability coverage for those who teach or instruct eFoil sports for:

  • 3rd-party bodily injury
  • 3rd-party property damage

It’s even possible for us to provide coverage to professional riders in case they injure someone or damage someone else’s property. XINSURANCE’s insurance for lift eFoils and insurance for eFoil electric surfboards are designed to give true peace of mind for our customers.

XINSURANCE is Waiting to Hear from You

If you’re an eFoil instructor or business and you need insurance for lift eFoils or insurance for eFoil electric surfboards, then we’ll be glad to hear from you. You can give XINSURANCE a call at 877-585-2853 to talk with our highly experienced team. The same team can be reached by emailing, where we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Over on our website, we have all the information necessary to understand more about XINSURANCE and our “all-in-one” approach. We also provide plenty of detail about our huge product line and available coverages. If you want to aim straight for a quote, you can click for a quote on our website.

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XINSURANCE understands that eFoil sports are here to stay. So, insurance for lift eFoils and insurance for eFoil electric surfboards has never been more important. Protect yourself and keep doing what you love by keeping XINSURANCE at your side.