Exotic Animal Liability Insurance

January 29, 2016

Exotic animal ownership is on the rise in the United States. It is now believed that more exotic pets live and are beloved in private American homes than are taken care for in zoos. Reptiles, large felines and primates are increasingly common in private homes. Certainly, owners know that exotic pets require special care, housing and maintenance. Yet exotic pets carry a risk even for the most responsible owner with escapes from enclosures that can lead to attacks and transmission of diseases.

There are increasing regulations throughout levels of government on exotic pet ownership with insurance implications. The likelihood of your exotic pet being covered by your homeowners insurance is slim. Many traditional insurance policies are very particular as to what animals they cover. Most even restrict certain breeds of dogs from coverage or exclude animal liability coverage altogether. Because insurance policies are becoming more exclusionary, it is likely that your current homeowners insurance policy will not cover your exotic pet.

You love and take care of you pet but incidents do occur. Do not leave your assets exposed and unprotected in case your exotic animal is listed in a claim or lawsuit. Be prepared from the unexpected with an Exotic Animal Liability Policy from XINSURANCE. Get a quote today!


Customized Liability Coverage For Pilots

January 13, 2016

The feat of flying in clear skies over a beautiful landscape is energizing for any pilot. With the wind humming and constant checking of the conditions, pilots have to be alert and focused for a safe journey. Yet are you paying as much attention to your insurance policy as you are to the gauges? Whether you are flying your own plane or renting, you need enough liability insurance to cover any losses that may occur.

As a pilot you may be exposed to gaps, exclusions and other turbulence in your insurance policy that leave your assets exposed to debilitating litigation and lawsuits. Be as careful with your individual liability coverage as you are in the sky because you may be named in a claim, incident or lawsuit.

Xinsurance provides individualized policies that provide custom coverage tailored to your unique needs and will robustly protect and defend your assets in case of a claim. In addition, we can provide coverage for related business operations. Xinsurance can help you effectively plan and manage all the unexpected risks on the horizon so you can have peace of mind and enjoy the view.


Gaps in Personal Liability Coverage

August 14, 2015

Have you ever wondered if your insurance adequately covers you, your family, your profession, your business?  In many cases standard insurance does not.  Many people are left with gaps in coverage which is essentially less that adequate insurance.

That’s where individual liability protection is part of the solution.  XINSURANCE is one of a kind coverage customized just for you.

Most people think they have enough insurance.  Take the case of a trucker who recently got into a highway accident.  He thought his employer’s insurance had his back.  Not a chance.  His employer insured him – to a point.  Once the driver was named individually in a lawsuit, the employer threw him under the bus.  He was on his own.

Xinsurance liability protection provides sound insurance coverage and a defense to protect your assets when a claim, incident or lawsuit occurs.  Xinsurance is customized based on occupation, hobbies, volunteering, moonlighting or anywhere your lifestyles shows a gap in traditional coverage.  Traditional insurance provides protection, but there are still gaps and exclusions that leave you exposed.

Risks not covered by insurance mans you are on your own to figure out what do to and where to go and how to handle the financial burden and defense.  No matter what your occupation, lifestyle, hobbies adventurers or financial situation if you are at risk due to gaps in coverage you may be sued.  Xinsurance provides one of a kind coverage to address these gaps in liability protection.


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Proactive Individuals Buy Individual Liability Insurance

August 14, 2015

Most people don’t like to think about being sued. However, no one is immune (even if you’re the most risk-conscious, proactive person) and being sued or accused is NOT in your control.

Directors and Officers worry about being sued and want to make sure they cut the risk of personal liability by having an individual policy in place.  Modern attorneys look for evidence of individual liability and negligence at every possible turn in an effort to maximize the awarded judgment for their client.

An individual liability policy written by XINSURANCE, powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers will provide a defense if an incident or claim occurs.  Be prepared for the unexpected and have a team of professionals by your side.





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Individual Liability Coverage

August 14, 2015

Any service person that enters a home or business could be accused of assault, battery, sexual abuse and so on.  XINSURANCE is an individual liability protection to cover your assets.  Home serve professionals, plumbers, contractors, tv and electronic repair workers should know that there may be gaps in their liability insurance poliies that leave them exposed.  Ino ur litigious society, an individual policy like XINSURANCE is in itself a valuable asset.


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How to Get a Free Windsock

December 21, 2012


XINSURANCE.com offers individual liability protection to aviation professionals.

Pilots of all experience levels qualify for coverage. Customized coverage is available for professional pilots, recreational pilots, CFIs, AMTs, student pilots, helicopter owners, fractional owners and private contractors. Coverage for fixed wing, light sport aircraft, experimental, medical transport and more. Your special skills and business operations aviation career expose you to significant liability and lawsuits are filed every day. If an incident or claim results in a lawsuit, the cost of a defense can be overwhelming. XINSURANCE partners with you to customize coverage based on your needs and then provides a defense if you are named in a lawsuit. XINSURANCE is the added protection that more and more pilots and aviation career professionals are finding to be a trusted resource. Each policy is customized based on your individual liability risks.

Visit www.XINSURANCE.com/pilot or email info@XINSURANCE.com, or call us at 1-877-585-2853 to get a free insurance review and we’ll send you an XINSURANCE windsock for free!

Protecting Institutions from Employees

October 2, 2012

Apples are wonderful, but it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. The same can be said of employees. Most are wonderful, well-intentioned contributors to a culture of success.

However, one employee acting irresponsibly can cause a great deal of harm to any organization. For example, take the recent case of Pennsylvania State University and their former assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky.

For the few people in the country unfamiliar with this tragedy, Jerry Sandusky was convicted in June of sexually abusing several boys. Most were abused inside of campus buildings, which is not only horribly tragic, but put the university itself under legal fire. According to Chad Hemenway of Property Casualty 360, Penn State finds itself now sorting through multiple settlements for Sandusky’s victims. Click here to read more »

Specialty Dog Policies

September 28, 2012

I tightened my helmet, secured my kneepads, and snapped my buckles into place. I was nine and it was rollerblade time. I always had a great time cruising the mean sidewalks of suburbia in my neon rollerblades, but this day was exceptionally great. I even landed a jump. Then it happened.

A furry little monster blindsided me from behind, and I went down. Long story short, my rollerblades were viciously and brutally attacked by the neighbor’s three-pound Pomeranian, Mr. Fluffy. Click here to read more »

Protecting What You’ve Worked So Hard For- Asset Protection Insurance

August 3, 2012

So much of life is work.  Work to achieve goals.  Work to improve skills.  Work to increase means.  Work to improve productivity.  And actually most of it is totally worth it.  Anyone who’s worked for something, staying focused through the long haul, knows that what you achieve becomes intrinsically valuable.  Add to that the inherent monetary value, and you’ve got something you most certainly want to protect.

Ironically through all that work you’ve put in, you are vulnerable; vulnerable to losing your assets to taxes, creditors and abusive claims.  That’s when Asset Protection steps in.  While there are ample suppliers of asset protection insurance against taxes and creditors, there is an underestimation of the need for protection against abusive claims. Click here to read more »

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Why Renting to Dog Owners Could Cost You Everything

July 31, 2012

As a landlord, I was stunned to hear news last week of an opinion issued by the Kentucky Supreme Court, which stated that landlords could be held liable if their tenants’ dog bites someone. Now, instead of simply weighing the usual wear-and-tear costs associated with allowing dogs in rental units, landlords will need to determine whether renting to dog owners could put their very livelihood at stake.

Jeffrey Greenberger, attorney for the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association, responded to the opinion by calling it “scary.” He added he “knows of no other case where the landlord is treated as though he owns the tenant’s pet.” Click here to read more »


With XINSURANCE you can purchase a customized insurance policy that will protect you in all the areas that your homeowners, employers, and business insurance policies won't.


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