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XINSURANCE: Providing Tailored Insurance Solutions for the Aviation Industry

March 7, 2024, Salt Lake City, Utah – XINSURANCE, the leading provider of specialty liability insurance solutions, is proud to announce its comprehensive coverage options for the aviation industry, including single-engine jets, small fixed-wing aircraft, small single-pilot jets, helicopters, gyros, and pilots on non-owned aircraft. As an industry leader, XINSURANCE is dedicated to filling the gaps left by traditional insurance policies and offering customized underwriting and claims services to meet the unique needs of its clients.

True Peace of Mind, No Matter the Situation

Specialty Liability Insurance may be something people don’t think about until they need it, but accidents can happen to even the most cautious individuals. When unforeseen events occur, there is often a plethora of blame to assign. Being prepared for these moments is crucial to avoid out-of-pocket expenses associated with expensive solutions.

XINSURANCE is committed to bridging the gaps left by traditional policies, providing tailored solutions that cater specifically to individuals’ lifestyles and businesses. With an experienced underwriting team boasting over 40 years of industry knowledge, XINSURANCE works closely with clients to assess their unique requirements, be it for business operations or recreational activities, resulting in tailored insurance solutions that truly work for them. Whether coverage has been denied by other companies or previous policies have been canceled, XINSURANCE is here to lend a helping hand.

Unwavering Support during the Claims Process

What sets XINSURANCE apart is its unwavering commitment to handling claims. XINSURANCE stands up for its clients, refusing to back down in the face of challenges. In the event of an incident, claim, or lawsuit, XINSURANCE stands by your side and offers its support until the matter is resolved. Living in a litigious society, where accidents are often transformed into lawsuits, XINSURANCE always ensures its clients’ best interests are protected.

Available Whenever, Wherever

XINSURANCE takes pride in offering liability insurance solutions to clients in all 50 states. Understanding that accidents don’t adhere to a schedule, XINSURANCE operates a 24/7 claims hotline to ensure support is available around the clock. Life is unpredictable, but clients can rest assured knowing that XINSURANCE will be there to help when needed the most.

Contact XINSURANCE Today

To discover how XINSURANCE can tailor an insurance solution to meet your unique needs, contact XINSURANCE today. The dedicated team of professionals is ready to review your current policy, identify any gaps that exist, and create a custom insurance plan that offers comprehensive coverage.

For more information and to get in touch, visit the XINSURANCE website at Take the first step towards true peace of mind by contacting XINSURANCE at 877-585-2853 or via email at Insurance agents interested in a partnership are encouraged to visit the XINSURANCE “Agents” page at


XINSURANCE, a DBA of Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), is a leading excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage providing specialty liability insurance solutions. With a dedication to customized underwriting and claims services, XINSURANCE offers an all-in-one approach, encompassing multiple insurance coverages under one policy. Whether it’s single-engine jets, small fixed-wing aircraft, or pilots on non-owned aircraft, XINSURANCE ensures clients receive the comprehensive coverage they require.

Press Contact:
Barbara Malkowski
SVP of Marketing