Pet Liability Insurance For Renters

Third-Party Liability Coverage for Dogs and Other Pets
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Rent with confidence: animal liability insurance for responsible pet owners.

Ensure your pets are welcome wherever you go by securing reliable liability coverage that goes the extra mile.

The Importance of Animal Liability Insurance for Renters

In the United States, the average cost per dog bite claim increased 31.7% in 2022 to $64,555 from $49,025 in 2021. If your dog or other pet is making it more difficult to rent your new place, rest assured that XINSURANCE can help.

With our custom animal liability insurance solutions, we can help any breed of animal, even with previous incidents. You can also extend coverage to your landlord or property management company by listing them as an additional insured. This should help make the search for your next home that much easier. We can provide the solutions you and your landlord have been searching for – animal liability insurance for renters.

Your animal liability insurance policy can cover legal expenses and any amount awarded by a judge or jury, up to the limits of your policy.

Types of Pets Our Animal Liability Insurance Solutions Can Cover

  • ANY Dog Breed
  • Dogs With a Bite History
  • Service Dogs and Animals
  • Guard Dogs
  • Therapy Dogs and Animals
  • Emotional Support Dogs and Animals
  • Breeds Considered “Dangerous”
  • And More!
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Animal Liability Insurance Coverage For Renters

Third-party Bodily Injury Liability

Provides coverage if your pet causes third-party bodily injury.

Third-party Property Damage Liability

Provides coverage if your pet causes third-party property damage.

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FAQ About Animal Liability for Renters

What is animal liability insurance for renters?

Animal liability insurance for renters from XINSURANCE is a specialized insurance solution that provides coverage for third-party damages or injuries caused by your pet while renting a property.

Does pet liability insurance only cover dogs?

No, pet liability insurance can cover a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and exotic animals. However, you’ll have to check with your landlord to make sure your pet is allowed.

Is ``animal liability for renters`` the same as renters' insurance?

No, animal liability for renters is a separate policy that specifically focuses on providing coverage for pet-related incidents. Renters’ insurance typically includes coverage for personal belongings and liability but may not include pet-specific coverage. Some renters insurance policies may include animal liability, however, they can still exclude certain breeds or deny coverage based on your pet’s bite history. We can provide an insurance solution that is tailored to your needs.

When is the landlord liable for a dog bite or other injury caused by the tenant's pet?

Each state has different laws but here are some examples of when landlords could be held accountable: (1) they knew the animal was dangerous, (2) they have the ability to remove the animal, or (3) they harbored or kept the tenant’s pet, such as, cared for or had some control over the animal.

How much does pet liability insurance for renters cost?

The cost of pet liability insurance for renters can vary depending on factors such as the type of pet, breed, size, claims history, coverage limits, and location. It’s best to contact XINSURANCE for a personalized quote.

Does Renter Insurance Cover Dog Bites

Yes, renters insurance generally covers dog bites under its personal liability protection. This coverage is meant to pay medical bills if your dog bites someone. However, this usually only applies to guests or strangers and does not cover instances where your dog bites someone residing in the same home. In addition, not all renters’ insurance policies cover dog bites that occur on your property.

More FAQ About Pet Liability for Renters

To view, download, or print a PDF version of our FAQ, please click here.

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What our clients say

“Prompt professional service. They’ve been insuring my dog daughter for several years now and I’ve NEVER had an issue to date. (hope that never changes!) I would highly recommend! My most recent policy was ending during COVID, but they still helped me renew in a timely fashion online, being I was an existing customer. But someone there in the office also always had time to answer any questions on live phone conversations when I needed. Gave thorough explanations and even remembered my name from previous conversations. Very professional! I feel comfortable that my dog is insured through them. I could get a bundled rate with other companies on a renters insurance policy but I’d rather keep renewing with XINSURANCE, I feel more comfortable every year when they complete my policy. Since being a client, I don’t even shop around every year when it comes close to renewal time. I trust their service. No need to worry about looking for a cheaper plan or this or that. The price is extremely fair, competitive and sometimes even cheaper than others. My dog daughter and I are good where we are!” [SIC]

– Jason King

“They were the only place that I could get the insurance I needed to save my dog’s life. Tyson Lindsey put up with a barrage of emails and calls from me, handled them with extraordinary patience, and was just generally fantastic. From the point of view of someone who previously worked in insurance, I know how difficult it can be to place certain risks, and honestly I’ve never had a better, easier experience with a company that insures had to place risks.” [SIC]

– Megan Sacks

“So far, we are very pleased. Trying to find insurance, for our dog, has been near impossible. She is a Australian/German Shepard mix, and considered a “vicious breed”. The only thing she wants to do is play wit hher ball, and lick you to death. XINSURANCE was the only one that would cover her for liability, that we could find.” [SIC]

– Susanne Meeson

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At XINSURANCE, we believe in taking an active role in defending the interests of our customers. When an insured is facing challenges such as frivolous lawsuits or unfounded charges, we take pride in staying by their side.

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The XINSURANCE approach to coverage is anything but “one size fits all”. Our specialty insurance experts work one-on-one with you to fully understand your circumstances, insurance needs, and high-risk areas up front. This means that by the time your policy is issued, we're fully prepared to support you through the worst-case scenarios — not drop you when an incident, claim, or lawsuit occurs.

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Though your policies won’t be “one size fits all,” XINSURANCE does take an all-in-one approach to insurance. This means that instead of buying several policies, we’re able to offer coverage solutions for your various needs all in one plan.

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