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Tattoo artist tattooing a woman's foot | Tattoo shop insurance

10 Things Every Tattoo Shop Does to Keep Their Shop Safe and Clean

Tattooing is an art form that has been around for centuries. However, the modern tattoo shop has certain advantages that weren’t afforded to our predecessors. Nowadays, we have the tools and equipment to ensure that everything is safe and clean, not only for the patrons but for the tattoo artist too.

Running a tattoo parlor involves risk. Since you’re performing permanent body modification, there is the potential for many things to go wrong. A tattoo could become infected due to unsanitary premises, for example, or a patron could sustain an injury from slipping, tripping, or being tattooed with faulty equipment. The way to counter this is by employing regular practices to keep your shop safe and clean.

In today’s litigious society, running a tattoo shop could mean you end up on the wrong side of a liability lawsuit. Minimize your risk by following these ten tips to keep your shop safe and clean.

  1. The workstation in your tattoo shop needs to be disinfected after every use. Use a suitable disinfectant and ensure all surfaces are thoroughly wiped down before your next customer arrives. The whole tattoo parlor needs to be kept clean at all times.
  2. A roll of paper towel or shrink-wrap should be used to cover the bench or couch, which needs to be replaced after every use.
  3. Keep your tattoo equipment in a safe, sterile environment when not in use. Discard any needles that you believe to be contaminated in a secure sharp box. Ensure you change your needles after every tattoo – even if a client has two or more tattoos in one sitting, the needles must be changed after each one.
  4. The tattoo parlor must have adequate lighting and non-slip floors. All surfaces and furniture need to be spill-resistant and should be easy to clean.
  5. Use soap and water to clean your hands. It’s best to install a sink and faucet that’s operated by a lever, so you don’t risk contaminating your hands by touching it. Do not substitute alcohol cleanser for soap or hand-washing, but it may be used on freshly cleaned hands.
  6. Use a separate sink for washing your equipment and place dirty items in a designated area away from your clean workstation. Don’t leave dirty items lying amongst clean items – they could get confused.
  7. Ensure every client is the legal age for being tattooed. Be sure they’re not intoxicated, are feeling in good health, and are certain they want to have the tattoo. Don’t attempt to tattoo anyone who looks unwell, underage, or under the influence.
  8. Provide each of your clients with the proper aftercare advice. This includes demonstrating how to care for a new tattoo. Give them a leaflet containing all the necessary information, so they don’t forget what to do.
  9. Wear gloves and a face mask while tattooing clients and dispose of them after every use. Patrons should wear a mask too! If you are unwell, don’t work with clients as this will risk passing your illness on. Wash your hands frequently and keep your clothing spotless.
  10. Get liability insurance for tattoo shops to protect yourself in the event of a lawsuit. Even the best-run tattoo parlors can suffer an incident from time to time. It’s better to have liability insurance for tattoo artists in place than find yourself bankrupt because of a liability claim.

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