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Dog Bite Prevention, What Can A Dog Owner Do?

I know she’s cute, I know she’s the fuzziest, cuddliest and sweetest thing you’ve ever seen. But the fact is – no matter how sweet, cute or fuzzy – any dog will bite, given the right circumstance. In fact, most dog bites received by people are from their own dog or one they know. So what can a dog owner do for insurance against dog bites? Here are some helpful tips:

Dog Bite Prevention Tip 1: Select your pet carefully. Many dogs, especially puppies, are selected on emotional impulse. This can be a mistake if you don’t know what behaviors and tendencies to watch for. In fact, before and after you make a selection, a visit to your veterinarian will be valuable for observation of behavior, health and suitability.

Dog Bite Prevention Tip 2: Be aware of socialization. Depending on how your dog or puppy was raised prior to adoption, he or she may have trouble feeling at ease around people and other animals. Gradually expose them to a variety of situations under controlled circumstances; continue that exposure regularly. Avoid any situation where your dog might feel threatened or teased.

Dog Bite Prevention Tip 3: Make training a priority. Basic dog training has proven to build a healthy bond of trust and obedience between dogs and their people. Owners can promote control of aggressive dog behaviors through avoidance of highly excitable games like wrestling or tug-of-war, and through using a leash in public.

Dog Bite Prevention Tip 4: Consider the safety of children. Always know where your dog is when young children are present, and avoid situations where the dog might be eating while young children are around. Because young children are especially vulnerable to serious dog bite injury, it is suggested that parents wait to get a dog until children are 4 years of age or older.

Dog Bite Prevention Tip 5: Make good health a practice. Make sure your dog is properly vaccinated against rabies and preventable infectious diseases. Overall health care has a significant effect on how your dog feels and behaves. Dogs that are frequently left alone have a greater chance of developing behavioral problems. Walk and exercise your dog regularly to provide exercise and mental stimulation.

No matter how much effort you make to protect your dog and other people from situations where a dog bite might occur, there is always the risk that it might happen. There is wisdom on the part of any dog owner in obtaining proper dog bite insurance coverage to aid victims and prevent financial loss in these situations. Click here for more information and to obtain an online dog bite insurance policy quote.