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Gaps in Personal Liability Coverage

Have you ever wondered if your insurance adequately covers you, your family, your profession, your business?  In many cases, standard insurance does not.  Many people are left with gaps in coverage which is essentially less than adequate insurance.

That’s where individual liability protection is part of the solution.  XINSURANCE is one of a kind coverage customized just for you.

Most people think they have enough insurance.  Take the case of a trucker who recently got into a highway accident.  He thought his employer’s insurance had his back.  Not a chance.  His employer insured him – to a point.  Once the driver was named individually in a lawsuit, the employer threw him under the bus.  He was on his own.

XINSURANCE liability protection provides sound insurance coverage solutions and a defense to protect your assets when a claim, incident, or lawsuit occurs.  XINSURANCE is customized based on occupation, hobbies, volunteering, moonlighting, or anywhere your lifestyles shows a gap in traditional coverage.  Traditional insurance provides protection, but there are still gaps and exclusions that leave you exposed.

Risks not covered by insurance means you are on your own to figure out what do to and where to go and how to handle the financial burden and defense.  No matter what your occupation, lifestyle, hobbies adventurers, or financial situation if you are at risk due to gaps in coverage you may be sued.  XINSURANCE provides one-of-a-kind coverage solutions to address these gaps in liability protection.