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Home Inspector Liability Insurance

With all the stress and emotions people go through when trying to buy or sell a home, home inspections are crucial step in the process for all buyers and sellers. As a home inspector, you are counted on for determining the general safety of structures and the people who inhabit them. There is little doubt that you take your career, as well as each individual job very seriously. However, nobody goes through an entire career mistake free. Unfortunately, in the Home Inspection business, there is no margin for error. One slip-up could end up costing you everything. No matter how detailed your inspections are and how effective of a system you have in place, every home is different and not every problem can be foreseen. Without a proper insurance coverage in place, your livelihood could be just as compromised as a home with a leaking gas pipe.

Home inspector liability insurance is available to fill in the gaps that make home inspectors vulnerable for lawsuits and civil claims. Whether it’s for commercial or residential work, custom plans with fast quotes and affordable premiums can be obtained to fill in the gaps of your traditional insurance plan. It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience or your career has just begun, a home inspector insurance plan is available for your specific needs, including optional coverage for radon testing, septic tank and water testing, thermal imaging and much more.