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HR Professionals and Sticky Situations

In a prior job, I used to share a cubicle with a guy who hated everything. I wish that this were an exaggeration.

This guy, who we’ll call Steve (because his name was Steve) was quicker to express a negative sentiment than the Grinch (and he was also slightly hairier). Steve was very unpleasant to be around, and was always pushing the limits of the company rules.

And then, one day, he pushed too hard, and he was fired. He stormed out of the office, threatening to sue everyone he saw, and then he was gone.

We’ve all got that co-worker. You know whom I’m talking about.

They hate having to be friendly. They hate the dress code. They hate having to be there on time. They hate being told to do anything.

It isn’t always the case, but with a lot of these co-workers, we know that they’re a ticking time bomb. There’s going to be a day when they cross that line. And if that line-crossing leads to a situation where you, as a manager, or you as a human resources professional, need to terminate that co-worker, you want to be ready for any situations that lead to legal problems resulting from employee retaliation.

Employment lawsuits are becoming more frequent, and their nature is changing, too. Where most termination lawsuits used to be simply directed at the company, these days, attorneys are trying to hold managers, supervisors and human resources professionals responsible.

In these unfortunate cases, it helps to be protected. XINSURANCE’s policies can provide extra insurance for the limits of your existing coverage. This way, in the case of unforeseen lawsuits, you’re extra-protected with your employer’s liability insurance, and can continue working without worrying.

Here are some other situations that have lead to HR professionals getting into legal trouble (and more reasons to talk to an XINSURANCE agent to get enough coverage):

  1. Termination lawsuits
  2. Sexual harassment claims
  3. Discrimination allegations
  4. Assault/Battery/other

So, if you work in human relations, and you’re involved in the termination of a co-worker (it’s probably Steve again), and you’re worried about any liabilities because of these situations, contact an XINSURANCE agent today.