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Insurance for Mud Parks and Mud Racing

Insurance for Mud Parks and Mud Racing

Mud Racing – also known as mud bogging or simply mudding – is an offroad motorsport. Drivers direct their vehicles through a mud pit or track. Whereas in a sport like motocross or formula one, participants are judged on the time with which they complete laps of a track, mud racers are frequently judged by distance traveled. Should more than one driver complete the entire track, judges will take the race time into consideration. And as a part of the motorsports industry, mud park insurance, mud bogging insurance, or mud racing are essential.

In the late 70s and early 80s, the vehicles were modified pickup trucks or SUVs. Over the years, the mud bogging world saw more purpose-built machines, dragster-type designs, and wide use of superchargers. With motorized vehicles whose power can exceed 1500 horsepower, mud racing comes with inherent risk.

Mud parks are among the places that might find it difficult to obtain coverage due to the risk involved in its activities. Individual mud racers can mitigate such risk with mud racing insurance or mud bogging insurance. And mud park insurance can also protect an organization from exposure to risk.

The Dangers of Mud Parks and Mud Racing

As with many kinds of motorsport, the dangers are not only to drivers. In Virginia 2013, a well-known personality in the world of mud racing and mega truck racing Rick Ulerick was struck by a truck and killed while attempting to photograph one of the trucks in mid-air, demonstrating, tragically, that even non-drivers who know and love the sport can succumb to injury or death.

One event at Redneck Mud Park resulted in 13 calls to emergency medical services. One call lead to eight people going to hospital, with treatments including an ear amputation and a finger amputation. According to those who run the event, calls to EMS are not uncommon, with an average of eight calls to EMS per event. The Mud Park even keeps two staffed ambulances on-site to treat the injured and to help avoid fatalities. Still, this did not prevent the death of a Manatee County School teacher who was killed in an ATV wreck during the 2021 spring break event.

In Fabens, in early June 2021, Willie Valadez Ramirez was one of at least eight people struck at an evening mud race event. A racer lost control of his vehicle, leaving killing Ramirez and severely injuring two other spectators. This demonstrates once again that when things go wrong during a mudding event, things can go seriously wrong, leading to fatalities.

In addition to trauma topping the list of reasons for this and other mud parks to get in touch with EMS, overdose or alcohol-related incidents also trouble staff and spectators. While these factors make mud parks risky businesses in terms of liability, despite the best safety practices, specialist insurance can make things more manageable for organizers and lovers of this exciting sport.

How XINSURANCE Can Help With Mud Racing Insurance

XINSURANCE is an insurance broker providing specialty liability coverage to our customers. XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. With our all-in-one approach, we can offer coverage despite a claims history or when a business or individual has been denied coverage elsewhere.

Whether you have insurance but are concerned about gaps or exclusions in the policy, or you have had insurance canceled, denied, or non-renewed due to past claims or experiences, XINSURANCE may be able to help. Mud bogging insurance, mud racing insurance, and mud park insurance will help protect individuals and businesses from liability claims involving this daring and competitive sport.

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