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Pit Bull Liability Insurance

Across countless online forums and message boards regarding dog ownership and liability, tons of frustrated and panicked pit bull owners are asking one simple question: “How can I insure my beloved pet?!” While most home owner’s insurance policies include pets in their coverage, almost all companies make exceptions for certain breeds that are considered “viscous”, and pit bulls are at the top of their list. Failing to maintain proper pit bull liability insurance coverage is not an option, as many states require proof of a pit bull liability insurance plan should you need to retrieve your pit bull from a pound after a biting incident.

Pit bull owners must take the extra step to get a supplemental pit bull insurance policy that is specifically geared towards pit bulls. No matter how responsible an owner is, the number of pit bull attacks that happen every year cannot be overlooked. Millions of people are bit by dogs each year and the large majority of them are bit by pit bulls, rottweilers, presa canarios or their mixes. These attacks can end it serious injuries, permanent disfigurements and even fatalities. The risk for pit bull owners is too great to be caught on the wrong end of lawsuit without the proper pit bull liability coverage on their side.