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Should You Buy a Plane? The Pros and Cons

Do you have thoughts about buying your own airplane or helicopter? Perhaps you have your license and like the idea of hassle-free long-distance travel or the simple joy of being aloft and seeing the world as few people do. While renting is another possibility, you may be uncomfortable with not knowing how other renters treated the plane. People generally aren’t as careful with rental property as they are with their own. In any case, you like the idea of having your own plane. Should you go ahead? What are the pros and cons?

The Pros of Buying a Plane

No Airport Security Hassles

Travel via the airlines isn’t the experience it was decades ago. Today, it’s just a way to get from point A to B, accompanied by the less than pleasant airport security routine. Owning your own plane means bypassing that and going where you want, when you want, and bringing whatever you want with you, including your hunting rifle. You can go straight to your destination without connections unless it’s beyond the fuel range of your plane.

Great Scenery

You can see more at five thousand feet than you can from ground level in your car or from a little window at 40,000 feet in an airliner. Ever wondered what a bird’s eye view of your favorite fishing spot looks like? Take a look and find out. Perhaps you’ll discover a better spot.

Saves Time

According to the Transportation Security Administration, you should get to the airport 90 minutes before the departure time of domestic airline flights. With your own plane, allow a few minutes to park your car near your plane and go inside.

The Cons of Buying a Plane

Planes Are Expensive

Beyond their purchasing price, everything about plane ownership comes out of your pocket such as financing, maintenance, inspections, storage, and fuel. Depending on the plane, the cost per hour of flying them can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you think you’ll save money on transportation costs with a plane, think again. Flying by airlines is far cheaper. Unless you get a commercial license and can get good-paying gigs, flying your airplane will be an expensive hobby, and you should have the financial means to afford it.

Planes Are Complex

This means you can’t get slack with their maintenance like your car. There’s no roadside shoulder to pullover to if your plane has mechanical problems in flight. You will have to stay on top of its upkeep. Sometimes this may require lengthy repair work, during which you can’t fly.


Whether caused by pilot error or mechanical problems, any person suffering from an injury or property loss because of a flying accident can take you to court. Protecting your financial assets and even your way of life will require good pilot liability insurance. For more information about the liability and insurance aspects of flying, contact us.