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Taxi Driver Liability Insurance

There is no disputing the fact that taxi driving is hard work. You have to endure long hours, often deep into the night (or early in the morning) dealing with traffic, fluctuating gas prices, volatile customers, and varying weather conditions, amongst other things. There are also many risks involved. Unfortunately, car accidents are commonplace, particularly in the city. As the driver, you are responsible for riders in your taxi. In the event of an accident, if a passenger is hurt, you could be held accountable. However, there is a way to protect yourself.

Taxi liability insurance plans are available to cover you from a number of threats, including litigation resulting from an accident. Each plan can be shaped specifically to suit your needs (type of taxi, location, etc). Even if the accident isn’t your fault, a passenger might try to hold you responsible, so that opens your daily routine up to a world of liability. And while the business you work for might have insurance, there can still be gaps in how much they protect your liability in civil cases, which is why a taxi driver liability insurance plan is necessary no matter how safe of a driver you might be. With manageable premiums and fast quotes, you almost can’t afford to drive without one.