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The Trouble with Trouble

No one wants to get into trouble. Nobody wakes up and thinks, “Boy. Today, I think I’d like to test the limits of my legal and insurance coverage. Honey? Get the 4-wheelers out! We’re going to test them out on that golf course.”

Trouble is a thing that pops up when least expected. The trick to taking care of trouble is making sure that as many of these little gaps as possible are not problem areas.

Without being alarmists, it can be surprising the things that American adults can be found personally liable for. A large lawsuit can boil down to something simple like:

  1. A household pet that could pose a threat to neighbors.
  2. Owning recreational equipment, like a trampoline or swimming pool.
  3. Keeping firearms at home.
  4. Working at a secondary source of income.
  5. Volunteering in youth sports camps.
  6. Participation in high-adventure activities.
  7. Have special skills (i.e. medical professional) that may have call to used off-duty or outside the traditional work environment.

In these conspicuous areas of need lies a chance to get what’s called gap coverage, a form of lawsuit protection that acts primarily as supplemental liability insurance. This gap insurance may be what protects you in an employee retaliation suit, or in a personal wrongful discharge lawsuit, or additional medical liability or small business insurance. In the event of legal problems, this gap coverage will step in and help you preserve more of your own assets.

To find out where you might be open to the risk of lawsuits, check out this handy test at XINSURANCE that tells you where you might be held personally liable…

…at home.…at work.…and at play.

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