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Transporter Plates Insurance Coverage

What Are Transporter Plates?

Transporter plates are used by the transportation industry
to transport unregistered vehicles from one point to another (usually from the
manufacturer to a dealer lot). These plates may be moved from vehicle to

For example, School District A in Colorado wants to order
6 school buses for their district. The model of the bus they want is
manufactured by Best Bus in Pennsylvania. Transporting buses is a difficult
endeavor, so an outside transport company would be enlisted to drive the 6
buses from Pennsylvania to Colorado under transport plates.


What Type of Coverage is Offered?

XINSURANCE offers transporter plates insurance and garage liability coverage in every state (except NY, CT, HI, and MA) with unlimited mileage available and trailer interchange coverage with Over the Road Physical Damage. XINSURANCE also offers coverage for any type of vehicle: from buses to semis, from dealership to personal vehicles.

This means that our underwriters have the ability to
examine your risk and help you pick what packages will best represent your
operation – whether you just need the auto liability to cover the plates, or if
you would like to have your whole operation insured under our garage policy
which would provide protection from any accidents that might happen along the


Why Do Transporter Plates Need Coverage?

Today, nothing is more valuable than time, convenience,
and peace of mind. This is especially true for consumers, which is why the
transportation industry is so important. Accordingly, the insurance for the companies
that use transporter plates is just as significant.

Transport plates are a difficult risk to place. Many times,
most companies find that other insurers leave dangerous gaps in coverage or simply
refuse to cover the risk at all due to the potential for hefty legal expenses.

This is a very versatile risk—you need versatile


Who Can Help Protect Your Transportation Company?

XINSURANCE is your solution for these risks. XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, an excess and surplus lines brokerage. Our underwriting team brings you over 30 years of experience, along with the ability to offer the customized limits and flexibility necessary to create the perfect plan for your business protection. Even if you’ve been denied coverage, filed bankruptcy, or are new to this industry, XINSURANCE can help.

XINSURANCE is the partner you need to guarantee that your transportation business is well prepared for anything the future might throw at you. Get a quote for transporter plates insurance, today!

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