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Triathlon Liability Insurance Coverage

Running, swimming, cycling. Whether it’s for fifteen, sixty, or 120 miles, triathlons are intense. Almost as intense as the athletes who compete in them.

As a triathlete, you know that preparation is everything. It requires months of regimented training, strict dieting, and mental strengthening to lay the framework for a successful trip across the finish line, and hopefully, atop the podium. Triathlon competitors are arguably the most well-conditioned athletes on the planet. That being said, the strain placed on your body from triathlon competition is immense. You are cycling at high speeds, and swimming long distances. No amount of training can completely banish the possibility of something going wrong. This is why triathlon insurance should be part of the preparation for every race.

Custom triathlon liability insurance coverage plans are available to protect you from the unexpected. Whether you’re dealing with sprint, Olympic, or Ironman distances, a plan can be custom molded to accommodate you in every detail. Most common medical insurance plans do not cover sporting accidents, and almost none of them cover rescue and evacuation. With a triathlon liability insurance plan in place, this kind of concern will be rendered a non-issue. Before entering your next competition, don’t forget to make sure you’re covered.