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They weigh up to 600 lbs and go up to 80 mph. Yes, ATVs and UTVs are serious powerhouses. Whether you’re renting or you’re part of the business providing units, you must consider ATV rental insurance. The speed, power, and maneuverability of the machines is awe-inspiring. Maybe you’ve heard all this and have decided to try one for the first time. Perhaps you’ve ridden one before and would like to get on one again. You may even be possibly considering purchasing one, but would like to spend a little more time with one before you make your decision. Renting an ATV is the simplest and most obvious way to satisfy any of those needs. Now, no one needs to tell you the dangers of riding on ATVs. They come with the territory. However, there are precautions you can take to lessen the risk.

There are about 650 deaths and 100,000 injuries every year involving ATVs. There are a lot of inherent risks, even if you’re a tour guide, an operator, the rental company, or the business owner. An accident can occur anytime, anywhere (especially on an ATV/UTV) and anyone can be the blame or the victim of a lawsuit.

Custom ATV rental liability insurance plans are available to cover you in the event that something goes wrong. And sometimes things DO go wrong. That’s why the ATV rental business of your choice will make you sign a number of waivers to free themselves of any responsibility. They will probably offer you insurance as well, which you should purchase. However, the standard insurance you will be offered is not enough. An ATV liability insurance plan should also be at your disposal for coverage on more than just the ATV itself, like your body, or property damage, or possible lawsuits. With proper insurance in place, you’ll be free to enjoy your rental and push that ATV to its limits.

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ATV Insurance and Rentals: What You Need To Know

What Are The Risk of ATVs

Most people who have decided to rent an ATV for an adventure in the great outdoors will have very little to no experience. Experience only comes from owning an ATV and even with that, there are still risks to the person riding. In 2018, there were approximately 252 drivers killed on an ATV with 24 passenger injuries. Most deaths are men, but there are often kids who are under the age of 16 involved. Those who were involved in an accident, but managed to survive it, often end up with damage to themselves. Injuries usually involve the driver or passenger’s head and neck, arms, and legs, their torso, or their hands and feet.

In 2016, the number of non-fatal ATV injuries was more than 101,200. Admittedly, as people become smarter about ATV safety, the injuries have lessened, but it is important you understand that you will never be “too safe” on a recreational vehicle.

You'll Find a Wide Range of ATV Insurance Coverage Options

We provide specialty customized insurance solutions through an all-in-one approach to fit your needs. Get coverage that can include the following:

  • Renters Liability: Covers physical damage to the rented vehicle(s).
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL): Do you own a business that rents ATVs to others, trains or instructs users, or provides guided tours? CGL coverage is essential for protecting against third-party bodily injury and third-party property damage claims resulting from your business’s operations.
  • Personal Liability: This coverage protects individuals from liability claims due to mishaps resulting from their personal activities when operating the vehicles.
  • Fleet Insurance: If your ATV business owns several vehicles, this insurance enables you to provide identical coverage for all of them under one policy. These plans can also cover employees of your company when using the ATVs.
  • Commercial Auto (available in most states): A commercial auto policy provides a combination of liability, physical damage — collision and comprehensive — and medical payments for companies that own and rent out ATVs.
  • True UmbrellaOur true umbrella can cover any gap, limitation, or exclusion in any other insurance policy in force.

Get All-in-One ATV Insurance Tailored to Your Needs

With XINSURANCE, you will have the customized coverage you need through our all-in-one approach. By reviewing your operations and experience level, we provide an ATV rental insurance solution made to fit your needs. So, no matter the situation, no matter the risk or history, we are here to help you!

ATV rental insurance is available for guides, instructors, tours, rentals, and more! We also provide solutions for quad bike insurance and UTV insurance.

Customized Coverage Gives You True Peace of Mind

When you choose XINSURANCE as your ATV insurance partner, you get all the protection you need under one policy. This approach also enables business owners and individuals to have broader coverage — limits of up to $10 million and higher are available. What’s more, we focus on filling the gaps and covering exclusions in your current program that are increasing your risk exposure. You’ll have true peace of mind knowing that you have all your liability protection in one place and enough insurance to safeguard your business and personal assets.


We Specialize in High-Risk Coverage Situations

XINSURANCE can help you even if you have difficulty obtaining liability insurance elsewhere. Many individuals and businesses come to us after they’ve been non-renewed or canceled by another provider, or when they’ve had an application for coverage rejected. We can assist almost anyone looking for essential insurance protection — you don’t have to let a lengthy claims history or other challenges leave you without insurance. Our team of experienced underwriters can find a workable solution for your situation.

Benefit From Our Comprehensive Claims Service

Once you’ve chosen us for your liability insurance needs, you’ll have access to our exceptional claims service. We’re available around the clock to take your call, and you can also use our incident reporting form to file your claim and provide details online. We’ll start the settlement process promptly and stand behind you in the event of a lawsuit. We work with old and new claims alike, and we can even intercede in current litigation on your behalf.

Other Services

As a full-service ATV insurance partner, XINSURANCE offers comprehensive risk management guidance to help you identify, assess, and control the threats that impact you or your business, giving you additional peace of mind. We can also conduct a free policy review to determine the areas in your current coverage that are leaving you vulnerable.

Experience a Fast, Hassle-Free Customer Journey

Applying for ATV insurance with XINSURANCE won’t waste much of your valuable time, and you’ll receive fast results. Because of the complex nature of this type of coverage, we implement a hands-on approach that entails extensive human interaction. You won’t have to depend on a computer to make a decision regarding your essential liability protection.

Begin by completing the application online and submitting it to our underwriting team for immediate review. We’ll set up a convenient time to discuss the risk by telephone and address your questions and concerns.

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Exposure to risk and the potential for a financially devasting lawsuit is part of ATV ownership and use. It’s comforting to know that XINSURANCE will be there to protect you and give you true peace of mind.

Get started with obtaining the excess liability insurance coverage you need to safeguard your assets. Fill out and submit the form on this page to receive a customized ATV insurance quote today. If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us via phone or email.

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ATV Rental Insurance

In 2016, there were an estimated 101,200 ATV-related, emergency department-treated injuries in the US.

ATV Rental Insurance

26% of the injuries from 2016 involved children younger than 16 years of age.

ATV Rental Insurance

32% of fatalities occurred on paved surfaces, 18% on unpaved roads, 13% in fields or farmland, 11% in forests/woods, and 14% is unknown.

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