Insurance for Roofing Contractors

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Insurance for Roofing Contractors



When you’re a home-improvement contractor, risk is a part of the job. Roofing and siding contractors know that a small incident can damage a client’s property or injure someone. You work hard to ensure safety and quality job after job, but accidents happen. An incident involving your client’s property or one of your employees can lead them to make a legal claim against your business.

As a contractor, you should investigate insurance plans that protect you in the event of third-party property damage or bodily injury during a job. XINSURANCE connects roofing and siding contractors with dependable liability insurance policies.

insurance for roofing contractors
insurance for roofing contractors

Roofing Contractor Insurance Information

What Is Liability Insurance for Roofing and Siding Contractors?

Liability insurance coverage is a plan that protects contractors if a client or employee makes a legal claim against their business.

Resolving a legal claim requires a significant amount of money at once, and if you’re like many contractors, you budget your funds to cover immediate needs like materials and payroll first. Paying to defend yourself in court, repair damages, or cover medical bills just may not be in the cards. Rather than risk scrambling for funds, your business should obtain a liability insurance policy.

Liability insurance carriers exchange financial support for a premium. You’ll pay a modest amount for your carrier to cover legal fees or damage expenses in the event of a covered claim.

How Does Liability Insurance Protect Me as a Roofing and Siding Contractor?

If you’re a roofing or siding contractor, a liability insurance plan can protect you and your business in three key ways:

  • Protection for property damage: Your plan can cover costs arising from property damage due to incidents like falling debris and equipment malfunctions.
  • Protection for medical expenses: Bodily injuries can happen despite your most diligent safety efforts, but a liability insurance plan can cover medical bills so you don’t have to. Workers’ compensation is not a part of our coverage.
  • Protection for quality disputes: Some clients may claim that you completed the job incorrectly or didn’t complete it at all. Liability insurance can help you make your case clear.

Types of Home Improvement Contractors Who Need Liability Insurance Protection

Liability management is relevant to any home improvement contractor. For example, the high-elevation tasks involved in replacing a roof could cause something to fall on someone or something at the property. Additionally, clients contracting you for any service could attempt a shallow quality claim against your business that you may not have the resources to dispute. At XINSURANCE, we secure liability insurance plans for these and similar business owners:

  • General contractors
  • Roofing contractors
  • Siding contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Flooring installers
  • Fencing contractors

Why Work With XINSURANCE for Roofing and Siding Liability Insurance

XINSURANCE is a leading liability insurance brokerage for home improvement contractors of all varieties. We connect you to all-in-one policies that provide comprehensive liability coverage. To us, there’s no risk too big or too small. As one of our policyholders, you’ll experience premier customer service during every process from underwriting to claim management.


XINSURANCE is ready to provide the support you need to handle liability claims confidently while keeping your business afloat. Potential policyholders are eligible for a complimentary policy review where we pinpoint coverage gaps and explain how we can fill them, so contact us online to request a quote for roofing and siding contractor liability insurance today.




Roofing Contractors Insurance

More than 150,000 Americans require medical treatment as a result of roofing accidents every single year.

Roofing Contractors Insurance

The roofing industry is expected to grow to $5.3 billion over the next several years. Recovery in the commercial and industrial segments are projected to increase in roofing demand.

Roofing Contractors Insurance

According to CPWR, falls at companies employing 1-10 individuals accounted for 54% of fall-related deaths.

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