Taxi Insurance and Rideshare Insurance

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Taxi Insurance and Rideshare Insurance



With an increase in the number of rideshare services out on the road, more and more people are looking to protect themselves with liability insurance. Whether you drive a taxi, drive for Uber or Lyft, or hold a stake in a rideshare or taxi company, XINSURANCE provides insurance solutions for you so that no matter the situation, no matter the risk or history, whether you are a taxi driver or taxi service provider, you can feel safe and secure knowing that you are covered.

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taxi insurance and rideshare insurance for taxi companies and rideshare companies
taxi insurance and rideshare insurance for taxi companies and rideshare companies

More Information About Taxi Insurance and Rideshare Insurance

What Is Taxi and Rideshare Liability Insurance?

Taxi and rideshare liability coverage is intended to protect you in the event of injuries or damages that your services or car cause. Liability insurance compensates others as a form of third-party coverage, meaning it doesn’t cover you or your employees. Taxi and rideshare liability insurance may compensate victims, such as covering their medical bills or the cost of replacing or repairing their property, giving you true peace of mind.

How Does Taxi and Rideshare Liability Insurance Work?

Your taxi and rideshare liability insurance may cover medical bills if a third-party person, such as a passenger or another driver, sustains an injury relating to your services. If your vehicle causes property damage, your policy may cover the costs of repairing the damage.

If an injured party files a covered claim, your insurance may keep you from paying thousands of dollars for damages. Your coverage may apply to medical, repair and legal expenses, depending on the court’s decision and your term’s limit.

Available Insurance Coverages for Taxi Companies and Drivers

We provide specialty customized insurance coverage through an all-in-one approach to fit your needs.

  • Commercial Auto Liability (available in most states)
  • Commercial Auto Physical Damage
  • Hired & Non-Hired Auto
  • Alleged Assault & Battery Liability
  • Alleged Sexual Abuse & Molestation Liability
  • Contingent Auto
  • Communicable Disease Coverage
  • Tru Umbrella / Excess Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions About Taxi and Rideshare Liability Insurance

Learn more about taxi and rideshare liability insurance from these common questions and answers:

Does my personal auto insurance cover me?

A personal auto policy generally does not cover transporting passengers who pay for your driving services. Most personal auto insurance can only cover you when you’re using your vehicle for personal transportation. This distinction means third-party injuries and property damages wouldn’t be covered for a hired taxi or rideshare service.

Can I cover more than one car?

A policyholder with XINSURANCE may receive coverage for more than one vehicle, as long as they are scheduled. Personal auto insurance would be required for those cars too.

Does the XINSURANCE policy cover me if I drive another car?

A policyholder should list all vehicles driven with hired services on the taxi and rideshare policy to ensure coverage. A vehicle driven for paid transportation with the taxi and rideshare liability insurance must also have personal auto coverage.

Do you offer insurance in all 50 states?

XINSURANCE prepares taxi and rideshare liability insurance plans in most states. Some places have specific requirements to obtain third-party coverage for driving services.

How does liability insurance protect me?

Liability insurance may protect you in the case of an accident, incident, or lawsuit. For example, taxi and rideshare liability insurance may cover third-party injury or property damages if you get into an accident and are liable for the expenses. If the event of a lawsuit, XINSURANCE may cover the legal costs and expenses a jury or judge determines, up to your term limits.


Taxi Insurance Rideshare Insurance

Taxi passengers are less likely to buckle up when they’re sitting in the back seat. In fact, 57% of passengers reported always using their seat belts in a taxi, compared to 74% of passengers in personal vehicles

Taxi Insurance Rideshare Insurance

Some 43.3% of workplace injuries for full-time taxi drivers and chauffeurs in 2016 were attributable to violence at the hands of another individual.

Taxi Insurance Rideshare Insurance

Drivers on their phones are 23 times more likely than others to suffer from a vehicle accident – yet virtually all of today’s taxi drivers use mobile phones or other GPS systems to navigate.

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