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10 Reasons Why You May Need Liquor Liability Insurance

Running a business involving liquor carries more risk than you may think. It only takes one intoxicated individual to have an accident or mishap before your livelihood is on the line. Thankfully, there is a way to protect yourself in the event that you face costly lawsuits.

Liquor liability insurance could be a vital asset to your business. From improving your general liability coverage to fulfilling state requirements, here are ten reasons why you might need liquor liability insurance.

1. Your General Liability Policy Doesn’t Cover Liquor-related Incidents

It may surprise you to learn that general liability coverage doesn’t include anything liquor related. Many business owners think they’re covered. Actually, their general liability insurance is inadequate if there’s a liquor-related incident.

2. Alcohol-Related Injuries are Frequent

Approximately 10-18% of emergency room visits are alcohol-related, and the number of incidents increases by over 200,000 each year. This means the chances of an incident occurring in your establishment are higher than you think.

3. One Incident Can Close Your Business for Good

One alcohol-related incident can have serious consequences for your business. A liability charge for assault or serious injury can run into the millions. Almost all businesses wouldn’t have the ability to swallow the cost without going bankrupt.

4. It can be Difficult to Watch Everyone

Busy establishments are great for your bottom line, but it can get very difficult to monitor how intoxicated each patron is getting. Busy staff may miss an incident unfolding.

5. Employees Who Over-Serve are Liable

Even highly experienced employees can make mistakes. Over-serving a patron to the point where they cause damage or injury can trigger a lawsuit. Liquor liability insurance can keep your staff and business protected.

6. Can You Provide Evidence a Person Was Not Intoxicated on Your Premises?

In some states, if an intoxicated person drank in your establishment and then went on to cause an incident, you could be pulled into a lawsuit. If you can’t provide proof that the person didn’t appear intoxicated while in your establishment, then you could be found liable.

7. Drunk Driving is Common

In the US, one death occurs every 50 minutes as a result of driving while intoxicated. If the intoxicated person drank in your establishment beforehand, you could be held liable.

8. Your Homeowners Policy is Likely Inadequate

Most homeowner’s policies only give coverage to the limit of $100,000 to $300,000. This is almost certainly inadequate should you end up facing a claim.

9. Liquor Liability Claims are Time-Consuming and Stressful

Running a business is time-consuming enough without the added stress of dealing with a lawsuit without coverage in place to help you. Lawsuits often last for months, which means a lot of precious time taken away from your business and family.

10. Most States Require That You Have Liquor Liability Insurance

If you don’t have liquor liability insurance, not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you could also be in breach of the law. Most states require that you have coverage in place, so it’s worth checking to see if your state requires it.

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