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Car Repair & Restoration Liability Insurance

Americans love their cars. Despite the auto industry’s recent woes, this has always been and continues to be the case. To many people, their car is their most cherished possession. Whether it is a used Camry, a restored Mustang, or a brand new Mercedes, the treatment remains the same: fiercely protected, rigorously inspected, and unconditionally adored. Which is why, as a car restoration / repair shop owner, your business is both rewarding and occasionally frustrating. In today’s age, people in this country will sue over just about anything, but when it comes to their car, they’re exponentially more aggressive. If something goes wrong, or your work is somehow deemed “unsatisfactory”, litigation is a realistic possibility and your business could be in serious trouble. While you may believe that your business insurance has you protected, the truth is that traditional plans often have gaps that can leave you exposed, particularly when it comes to litigation. This is why it’s necessary to make sure you’re protected with a specialty insurance plan that provides car repair liability insurance coverage.

These custom insurance coverage plans are available to fill in these troublesome gaps. Regardless of the size of your business or the type of work that you do (restoration, dent repair, brakes, mufflers, customization, paint, detailing, etc), a car repair and restoration liability insurance plan can be custom shaped for your specific needs at an affordable premium. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to costly and time consuming lawsuits. Worship your business like Americans worship their cars, and find a custom liability plan that will ensure that it will continue to run smoothly.