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personal liability insurance for girl jumping on her trampoline

Common Home Insurance Policy Exclusions

“Home is the most popular, and will be the most enduring of all earthly establishments.” -Channing Pollock

If a wild animal sneaks into your home and wreaks havoc or a plane lands on your house, chances are your home insurance will cover it. Technically, the animal vandalized your home, and a plane is a falling object. The average home insurance policies cover both those things. There are things that are usually not covered that may surprise you.

  • Pools and hot tubs are an ‘attractive nuisance,’ and even if they are safely fenced, some homeowner policies will not cover either one.
  • Trampoline injuries aren’t covered by insurance. In fact, just having a trampoline on your property is reason enough for some companies not to insure you at all.
  • Treehouses might be covered as an ‘accessory structure,’ but most providers will not cover them.
  • High-risk dog breeds such as pit bulls might not be covered under many policies if they injure someone, even if the homeowner has liability coverage that protects against dog-related injuries.
  • Stolen or destroyed cash over $1,000 isn’t covered.
  • Sewer backups are not covered under water damage in an insurance policy. Water damage in policies refers to water line breaks, if your appliances overflow or leak, or if hail or the wind causes a hole in your home through which water enters and causes damage.
  • Nuclear accidents are a standard exclusion.
  • Sinkholes are ‘earth movement’ just like earthquakes, so insurance doesn’t cover them.

Specialized personal liability coverage added to your home insurance policy will ensure that your earthly establishment is fully covered. Contact us, we will show you how.