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Common Ninja Warrior Injuries and How to Protect Your Gym From a Lawsuit

Common Ninja Warrior Injuries and How to Protect Your Gym From a Lawsuit

Ninja warrior gyms are great places for people to work out their whole bodies. Your gym can be a haven for people to destress and improve their physical health. However, you should know the risks that accompany this specific exercise regimen so you can better protect your gym members from potential injuries.

3 Common Injuries Ninja Warriors Experience

Ninja warrior obstacle courses offer a unique, intense workout experience where people can exercise while navigating fun spaces. These courses can come with risks like every other gym, including:

  • Sprains and tears: Muscle sprains and tears have many causes, from overworking to moving wrong. As a more intense exercise method, ninja warrior experiences can increase athletes’ risks of sprains and strains if they don’t know what they’re doing or have an accident.
  • Broken bones: Falls from obstacles can cause gym members to break or fracture bones. Depending on how they fall, there can be severe injuries. These injuries can lead to physical therapy and surgery to heal the body properly in addition to time spent in a cast.
  • Concussions and brain injuries: Incidents on the ninja warrior obstacle course can lead to head and brain injuries. These accidents can result in intensive therapy to regain skills and hospitalization. Falls can cause trauma to the skull and brain, leading to many things, from mild concussions and bruises to ninja warrior death.

While all gyms have risks, the nature of ninja warrior gyms puts athletes and gyms at risk for physical and legal problems. Understanding what you can do to protect yourself and your clients can mitigate the risks and improve safety at your gym.

How Your Gym Members Can Protect Themselves

How Your Gym Members Can Protect Themselves

Whether doing simple cardio and weightlifting or more intensive ninja warrior obstacles, gym visitors can play their part to protect themselves when visiting your facilities. Injuries can occur when participating in any gym activity — knowing how they can keep their bodies safe while working out can help your gym continue to thrive and support your local community.

1. Warm up Before Every Session

Athletes and gym members can help reduce their risk of pulling or straining muscles by thoroughly warming up before each workout session. Warmup routines can help athletes better prepare for what they want to do that day, targeting the specific muscles they want to use. Stiff, cold muscles are more likely to tear, while warm muscles are ready to build strength and grow.

Warming up should be dynamic, meaning visitors need to do some low-impact movement that focuses on their target areas. Gym members who want to run up the warped wall might spend some time walking briskly to warm up the muscles in their legs.

The recommendation is to spend at least 5-10 minutes warming up before any workout. This time frame promotes more thorough muscle care and prepares them for longer, more intense sessions. When gym members participate in this essential practice, they can better protect themselves from ninja warrior injuries.

2. Stretch After Workouts

While pre-workout routines are essential, gym members can also help prevent fitness center injuries by taking care of themselves after their sessions. When your visitors take the time to stretch, they can help themselves recover from their activities and ease soreness or tension that can happen after an intense workout.

Stretching helps reduce injuries in the future by promoting flexibility and reducing the strain on muscles and joints. Muscles can recover and develop from workouts, allowing your members to continue to build their bodies how they wish when they come to your ninja warrior gym.

3. Change up Routines

Many athletes develop routines to help them target a specific area of growth or refine a particular skill. Common goals include reaching a certain number of reps when weightlifting or getting a certain speed on the treadmill. Ninja warrior athletes might strive to conquer a specific obstacle or improve their performance on the course.

However, routines can also lead to more injuries, including at ninja warrior gyms. Gym members risk overusing their target muscles, which can cause strains and tears.

To prevent this, encourage visitors to add some variety to their routines frequently. Change can help give muscles some rest, allowing them to recover and strengthen. Your members can return to their goals stronger and more prepared. Further, other activities can help engage the body and muscles differently. If your member wants to focus on arm strength, they can find several ninja warrior activities that can boost growth. Trying new activities might activate different muscles in the arm and exercise others in new ways.

Switching up routines can also prevent overconfidence. When gym members get more comfortable with the obstacle course, they might get careless with safety or technique. Taking breaks forces them to remind themselves what they need to do, helping keep them in good form and prevent injuries.

4. Practice Proper Form

Injuries have many causes, including improper technique. When someone uses the equipment or moves their body incorrectly, they risk pulling a muscle, spraining muscles, or breaking bones. In a ninja warrior gym, people must know how to use the equipment and go through the course properly.

A learning mindset can help your gym promote healthy habits for your guests. When people prioritize learning and growth over results, they can better care for their bodies as they work out.

Practice Proper Form

5. Understand Their Limits

Everyone has a limit when they need to stop exercising and take a break. This might mean resting for a few minutes to catch their breath or stopping for the day. Knowing when to stop is vital for preventing injuries at your ninja warrior gym. Your members must always be at their best when approaching equipment and obstacles, ensuring they can handle the rest of their routine or more reps.

Overworking can cause strains, sprains, and other health issues, from dehydration to heart problems. Learning their limits can give visitors an idea of when they need to stop and take care of themselves. Working out without listening to their bodies can also lead to stress strains and fractures. Pain is an indicator that something is wrong — and it is something many people ignore.

It’s also helpful for gym members to understand their current skillsets. Much of exercising is about growth, but it should be realistic. Visitors can protect themselves from ninja warrior accidents by starting small and working to larger accomplishments or challenges. For some people, this might mean working to make it to the top of ninja warrior climbing obstacles or waiting before approaching specific equipment until they have the right skillset. Thoroughly prepared athletes can better tackle their workout goals.

6. Value Rest Days

Knowing when to stop can help prevent injuries at the gym, but athletes need more than a few minutes of rest or a shortened workout routine. Rest days give muscles a break to recover from previous workouts and prepare for future ones. In this time, muscles can strengthen and grow from the time already spent at the gym, leaving gym members ready to get back to improving when they return.

When planning rest days, gym members should try to base it on their body rather than their goals. They might want to build muscle or lose weight by a particular time, but pushing the body to meet a deadline can increase their risk of getting injured. People should listen to their bodies and take the time it needs before returning for another workout — properly resting muscles can help prevent strains, sprains, and tears.

How to Protect Your Business From Lawsuits

How to Protect Your Business From Lawsuits

While your gym members can do their best to protect themselves from injuries, accidents can happen. There are general practices you can implement to potentially keep your gym safe from legal repercussions.

1. Issue Liability Waivers for All Activities

Liability waivers help communicate your gym’s risks to your members and guests, helping mitigate the fault that rests on you. Drafting and issuing clear, informative releases for every activity can educate people on what to expect when coming to your gym, whether this is their first time doing ninja warrior obstacle courses or they regularly participate. If you host any classes or group activities, create waivers for these events as well.

Waivers should also outline your role in the activities. List your responsibilities in the activity, from maintaining equipment to teaching the best technique in a class. This practice can help protect you in the event of a lawsuit.

2. Support Safe Exercise Habits

Your gym can help instill healthy exercise habits while decreasing your risk of accidents and lawsuits. Promoting safety can help remind your gym members how they can care for themselves throughout their workout routine. Some ways you can promote health and safety include:

  • Communicating with signs and posters: To keep your gym members safe, share information with them effectively. Signs are a great way to remind athletes of risks and techniques when using equipment or courses. You might highlight potential hazards unique to that obstacle so members can make an informed decision about their safety. If you need to block off areas or obstacles, signs can help alert visitors of changes.
  • Explaining how to use equipment: Along with signs and messages, you can also use posters and signs to explain how to use equipment or approach obstacles properly. Images and text can help walk people through how to navigate that obstacle. Staff can also step in and help gym members they see using improper techniques to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Offering rest and refresh places: You can promote rest and breaks by providing ample space for people to stretch, catch their breath, and drink water. Offer plenty of benches around the gym so your guests can rest when needed without being too close to equipment. Highlight water fountains or vending machines to encourage hydration. Open spaces can be great for warmups and stretching so your gym members don’t skip these crucial steps.
  • Encouraging spotting and workout partners: Spotting has another person present to help prevent accidents. Most people use spotters in weight lifting to keep heavy barbells from falling on their chest or ensuring they keep proper form. In ninja warrior gyms, experienced members can help watch out for newer athletes and their techniques. Encourage people to spot their friends or help others they see struggling.
  • Hosting classes: Classes help teach regular people techniques from professionals. They are accommodating for beginners who might not know where to start or need some help learning. You can introduce more people to ninja warrior obstacles or help others refine their skills in a safe, monitored environment. Be sure your instructors have the proper certifications — you want them to teach your gym members the right skills and safe practices.

Promoting specific habits cultivates a particular culture at your gym. You can create an environment that values health and safety as a part of the ninja warrior lifestyle.

3. Inspect and Maintain Equipment

Problems with equipment can cause injuries and accidents in the gym. Your gym members can do everything right when approaching their workout and still get hurt if there is a problem with what they are using. You can protect yourself and your members by continually maintaining equipment to ensure it is in the best shape.

When you notice equipment is working below standards, keep your members from using it. You can put up signs and tape to block off obstacles or mark equipment, or you can remove it from your public spaces. Locks and other blockers can help keep athletes from accessing areas and equipment.

4. Invest in Liability Insurance

Even if you take all the suitable measures, you still might face injuries and accidents on your premises. Liability insurance can help reduce the impact of lawsuits or medical claims. Medical and legal fees can be costly, hurting your business’s finances and making it challenging to remain open. With a protection plan like liability insurance in addition to your main insurance coverage, your company has some protection to keep providing a place to exercise, even in the aftermath of an accident.

Protect Your Parkour and Ninja Warrior Gym With Customized Liability Insurance

When you offer services that can result in injuries, it is essential to know what you can do to protect your clients and your business. Understanding the services you offer and how they can lead to injuries and accidents is the first step — companies that know the risks can better work to prevent them by implementing the proper techniques and policies.

Having the best tools available can also help you recover and handle the aftermath of an injury or accident in your ninja warrior gym. Liability insurance can give you the financial and legal protection your business needs to navigate a covered incident at your gym. When legal and medical fees are overwhelming, liability assurance can help you proceed.

At XINSURANCE, we can help you gain true peace of mind by protecting you with comprehensive insurance policies. Our underwriters work with many industries to help everyone receive their needed coverage. We can help you get highly customized policies so you have a liability insurance plan tailored for your business.

Contact an XINSURANCE representative today and discover how we can help you protect your ninja warrior gym.

Protect Your Parkour and Ninja Warrior Gym With Customized Liability Insurance

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