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Construction Equipment Rental Insurance

Planning on doing some major construction work this summer? Contractors and homeowners that opt to rent their construction equipment avoid many of the hassles involved with buying equipment, like transportation and storage costs. What you have to keep in mind is that renting equipment is just like renting anything else—you’re going to be exposed to liability risk and need to protect yourself with the right insurance. This small additional fee for construction equipment liability insurance will save you some big headaches in the long run.

Once the piece of rental equipment is in your hands, it’s your responsibility to keep it properly insured. This includes any damages that may occur to the equipment as well as loss or theft. Let’s say you’re renting a bulldozer to do some heavy duty destruction and the machine looks like it’s been through a war by the end of your rental agreement. It’s up to you to get that piece of machinery up to snuff before you return it to the rental company. If you’ve properly prepared yourself with a construction equipment rental insurance plan, this will be no sweat.